LeDeuzzy, Q.

New Dexterity

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racing thoughts
Creating new urban landscapes with deformed models from Quondam’s collection. This will start with an analysis of Arquitectonica’s Capital Park West, and will further relate to the deformation of the C.C. Phila. model. ...a manifestation of the metabolic imagination.
Creating a late and distant cousin of the Campo Marzio plan generated from the collage of plans from the collection...

Not There
Why and how I started redrawing the Campo Marzio. ...the first plans I choose to draw and how it was the capabilities of CAD that directly influenced the plans I chose.
The Venturi quote and using the Absecon house as an example by distorting the building in a number of ways. I will also introduce the patterning possibilities of CAD...

Campo Marzio introduction
I wanted to discover the secret of Piranesi's geometric planning dexterity--I wanted to find out how it could be possible to be as architecturally inventive as Piranesi. I also wanted to find out what Kahn learned form Piranesi.
The idea of just redrawing the plan via CAD, however, more or less became my modus operandi, and thus the intial quest developed into a general quest to find out as much about the Ichnographia as possible.

patterning, New Dexterity , etc.
I will begin my writing on the New Dexterity with a presentation of ARRIS ri patterning. I will at the same time have to write a short introduction to the whole New Dexterity issue, and I might even outline a “table of contents” or index as to what issues I intend to address in the future.
The patterning story will begin with the capability of Intergraph patterning (and here I will use my V-80 material), and then focus more heavily on the ARRIS patterning capabilities. After an explanation of how ARRIS operates, I will then offer a set of web pages where the revolving patterns are presented as animated gifs.
I was just thinking that I might do some research of patterns and patterning, and offer whatever data I find. For example, I could dig up some Venturi quotations.

a serious course of action for Quondam & my architectural work in general
...orthodox and unorthodox scale comparisons, building collisions, and scale manipulation.

a new Quondam
...doing all the crazy stuff that demonstrates the infinite possibilities that cad and, to some extent, cyberspace afford.
...really just going nuts...
...take more advantage of animated gifs...
Philadelphia and the Parkway are going to be a big part of the new Quondam...




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