7 January

312 Saint Lucian of Antioch suffers martydom at Nicomedia

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Mars - encyclopedia reference
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Quirinus - encyclopedia reference
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Area Martis - start of the book
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book - outline - long[est] axis
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long axis - outline
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Hadrian/Domitian complex
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Campo Marzio - encyclopedia reference
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Quondam Reference
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Wallraf-Richartz Museum
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Points of Departure
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Campo Marzio/Tafuri 2
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individual building comparisons
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Tampa, Florida
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Re: Tampa, Florida
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Re: i-mac-thematica?
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Jimmy Venturi's new website...

Ury, now quondam, exactly 200 years ago
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Spread Eagle Doorway in The Old Parsonage
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LA TENDENZA at Pompidou Center
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Delightfully Absurd Architectural Drawings
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BIG   Beach & Howe Tower

2002.01.07 10:38
Tampa, Florida
I still sense that the notion of a discernible and often strong relationship between reenactment and design is not deemed important enough to be given serious recognition by those that have at least been introduced to the concept. The recent tragic event within the upper reaches of Tampa, Florida, however, makes it all too bitterly clear that reenactment and design is a striking reality of our times, and that there is still much to be understood.

2002.01.07 19:21
What happened at Tampa, Florida is something that precisely enacts a confusion of reenactment and imitation. It is a tragedy, of course, but, unfortunately not one without design (and here high rise buildings fit very much into the overall design).
What your stance plainly demonstrates is just how much "modern" humanity has been trained/brainwashed into understanding virtually all imitation as that which completely lacks "design with imagination," as you put it. The irony here, however, is that our imaginations are already reenactments of our corporal physiologies. Another irony is that the greater part of "design" today is indeed "just trying to copy with miserable tools." At the very least, nothing you said is altogether innovative, especially among modern designers. Just redundant, as you yourself conveniently note.
I am quickly reminded of the following passage from Charles Hedrick, History and Silence:
"In the modern world, present circumstances are conceived in terms of a projected future. What we are depends on where we are going, not where we have been. To the extent that the power of the past is acknowledged at all, it is seen as a burden, as an impediment to progress and self-realization, as something to be overcome. By contrast, traditional societies look much more to the past for the determination of who and what they are: hence the ancient prestige of the genre of history."

2002.01.07 19:27
Re: Tampa, Florida
...wasn't it you just the other day writing about illegal activities performed on Canadian government land for the purpose of what seems to be that of recreationally reenacting a more primitive human existence?

Jimmy Venturi's new website...
And then this past Wednesday came a completely unexpected phone call where he thanked me and then mentioned archinect just in the first sentence. I mean, talk about leaving obscurity behind.
Although I probably talked a little too much, the fact remains that what I enjoyed most was hearing him talk about the project, and then realizing that he has an excellent focus on it.

08010701 IQ mirror copy plans   2392i35
08010702 IQ mirror copy plans   2392i35
08010703 IQ mirror copy plans   2392i35

11010701 Museum of Architecture plan   2245i03
11010702 Tempietto profile model   2401i01   b

2012.01.07 12:33
Spread Eagle Doorway in The Old Parsonage

The arch is Romanesque Revival style. The whole gate is a circa 1880s stylistic concoction.

15010701 Karastan/NNTC recrop map/plan w/NE Philadelphia   2413i23

15010701   BIG   Beach & Howe Tower

2013.01.07 10:52
LA TENDENZA at Pompidou Center
Don't forget the reality of the flip-side.

The cover of Lotus International 33 (1982), upside-down




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