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1511 Pierre de Valence made a contract for the fountains at Blois

1636 death of Gregorio Hernandez

1802 birth of Richard Upjohn
1846 death of Louis Pierre Baltard
1891 death of Miklós Ybl

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Museum for Nordrhien-Westfalen

best decorated shed of the 20th century, etc.
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Re: Favorite Artist?
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who is anthony vidler?
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Thesis Semester [blog] 25 years ago
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what is the good source to study folding architecture?
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Architecture encyclopedia?
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Modern Landmark To Be Demolished in OKC
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MVRDV   Turm mit Taille

Coton Devisscher Lelion Nottebaert Vincentelli   Keramis – Ceramic Center

2002.01.22 13:53
best decorated shed of the 20th century, etc.
Images of the Best Showroom and the North Penn Visiting Nurses' Association are now available at quondam/tempobliviopolis.
The Best Showroom is very likely the "decorated shed" par excellance, while the North Penn Visiting Nurses' Association is Robert Venturi's first built work.
Tempobliviopolis is a hybrid place that time sometimes seems to forget, and sometimes it is a hybrid place that seems to forget time.

2004.01.22 17:05
who is anthony vidler?
I still respect Vidler's The Writing of the Walls, and I was really keen on "The Third Typolgy" (in Oppositions 6 or 7 or ?) when I was still in school in the late 1970s.
Warped Space is somewhat disappointing in that it comprises mostly description rather that insight and foresight.

2006.01.22 15:21
what is the good source to study folding architecture?
So the fold, as far as southern California is concerned, is a [bad?] reenactment of Schindler?

12012201 Villa Rotunda, Altes Museum, Museum of Arts and Crafts, elevations, scale comparisons

2014.01.22 12:26
Architecture encyclopedia?
...but I don't put random words together, nor post gibberish. Yet I did get you to think I "seem to delight in betraying the system of communication which would enable you to get your ideas across." Gosh, that sounds downright Tafurian of me.

2014.01.22 12:32
Modern Landmark To Be Demolished in OKC

I only know this building from the book/exhibition catalogue Transformations in Modern Architecture (1979).

"The parts of a building may be scattered and linked in what is meant as a dynamic, use-related conjunction, free from all prior commitments to ideas of order (Mummers Theater). But like aleatoric music, which in some ways it resembles, the spontaneous or random disposition of elemants tends to get fixed in place--for convienence in musical performance, necessity in architecture. The elements of what is meant to look unorganized are finally perceived as having their own order, if only because every other kind has been excluded."
Arthur Drexler

The years of the Mummer Theater, 1966-70, now almost seem too early for its sophisticated articulation, yet it's well within the milieu of Kahn's Dominican Convent (1965-68) and Expo '67's Habitat.
Lookng through Transformations in Modern Architecture, you have to wonder about the current condition or fate of many of the buildings presented therein. For example, what's Roche & Dinkeloo's College Life Insurance Company, Indianapolis, ID, 1967-71 like these days?

2014.01.22 14:54
Modern Landmark To Be Demolished in OKC
Donna, that's exactly what I thought about the photo after giving it a second glance. Found myself wondering whether the people in the photo were actually staged to look like an architectural rendering, even.
And thanks much for the Roche pyramids update. Not at all what I was expecting to hear. I think I saw the 3 pyramids from the highway as I was passing through Indianapolis on the way to a summer H.A.B.S. job at Perry, MO 1978, and yes they were a solitary profile on the horizon. In light of your "state of the Roche pyramids" and Vado's string of conditional questions, I wonder if there isn't a gap in architectural appreciation/education as to the evolving stages of a building's 'life'. For relatively newer buildings, the issue of preservation is most often only triggered by the threat of demolition, thus widespread attention to a building really only exists when it's brand new and when it is slated for demolition. Do we give enough attention to (the fate of) architecture between those two extreme points? I don't know.

15012201 Hurva Sysnagogue GAUA 1100x550   2209i10
15012202 Tower of Shadows GAUA 1100x550   2186i08

15012201   MVRDV   Turm mit Taille

16012201   ASouq 002 model   2442i01
16012202   IQ grid NNTC upper NEPhiladelphia early numbering   2392i115
16012203   IQ50 Museum compilation Dresdner Bank site plans   2392i116 223ci19
16012204   [virtual] Museum Museum site plan 22002 IQ50   2428i08

17012201   Coton Devisscher Lelion Nottebaert Vincentelli   Keramis – Ceramic Center

20012201   iqq15 plan development working model   2468i89
20012202   iqq15 La Villette Housing working model   2468i90

Venturi and Rauch, Best Showroom (Oxford Valley, PA: 1977).

The Best Showroom is presently derelict, and has been so for almost a decade. Despite it's long abandonment, the colorful exterior panels of the building still retain a surprising newness. [museumification] There are some spots where paint has been recently applied to the facades to cover over the graffiti of vandals, but the overall effect of the facades has not been adversely diminished. The vegetation around the building has grown substantially however, thus rendering the building barely noticeable from the adjacent roadways.

What this building best represents is the consummate manifestation of the theoretical (and proverbial) "decorated shed".

The Best Showroom is a true but largely forgotten architectural icon of late 20th century America.

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