museum collecting

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displayed in chronological sequence
...have the plan, section, and elevation data all at the same scale[?] ...a collection of building plans, etc. displayed chronologically (not by country, type, style, or architect)--just by date (and at the same scale). the same type of chronological ordering for Quondam's entire collection.
...a history/museum of architecture displayed in chronological sequence...

design of analogous buildings, etc.
....CAD and a virtual museum allows the design of analogous buildings.
...a compilation of museums.

segue to digital museum
Philip Johnson's estate in Connecticut... ...the New Canaan Johnson estate... ideal setting and real museum of architecture (and art). ...segue to digital museum (Laguna, Wacko, etc.) as a virtual place/museum that is an experiment in architecture.

model projects
...building/projects to add to Quondam's collection of 3d models:
Venturi - Dream House
Giurgola - Retreat House in Northern Europe
Venturi - Yale Mathematics Building
Stirling - Olivetti Headquarters
Le Corbusier - Olivetti Headquarters
Le Corbusier - Venice Hospital
Le Corbusier - French Embassy, Brasilia
Kahn - Fleisher House
Kahn - Morris House
Kahn - Mikveh Isreal Synagouge
Guirgola - Whitemarch Library
Giurgola - Acadia Park Building
Graves - Synderman House

domestic plans

domestic elevations

Not There: agenda for Quondam
Not There, an inovative chronicle of the motivation and cause of Quondam from behind the scenes. easy going non-sequitur, perhaps an oddball adventure in 3d.
Not There, a focus on things that can only be done virtually, outlandish juxtapositions and scale/rotation distortions. ...the history of architecture in the midst of a whole new arena, i.e., dealing with buildings the are not there.

Gooding House and Bye House comparison and contrast
...collage the Gooding House and Bye House projects because of their polar oppositeness in terms of architectural style and attitude both formally and towards the idea of domestic architecture. ...enlarge the front wall of the Gooding House and put it in place of the Bye House wall. Continue the collage by adding the Gooding House cornice all around and the appilique columns. ...a very interesting hybrid paradigm or something totally ridiculous.
A gutted Gooding House compared to a gutted Altes Museum and the rustic hut.

Altes Museum - virtual redux
...a virtual re-design of the Altes Museum. ...actually just involves the Lustgarten. ...extending the base of the museum out as far as possible (like the plaza at Stirling's Düsseldorf museum) and placing a parking garage underneath, incorporating new design elements on the plaza and at its edges. ...introduce typologically shaped voids within the plaza as well.

new urban landscapes
...creating new urban landscapes with deformed models from Quondam's collection.

[new] Not There [city]
The virtual construction site of Quondam.
A real Collage City.

comparative plans by architect

comparative museum types something with the museums in Quondam's collection. ...experimenting overlays and collaging, and setting up a "museum" environment as a virtual place. ...[perhaps] employ the Berlin (Lustgarten) environment.

more analogous buildings
...designing and recombining them to create new "buildings."

Stirling's Inheritance
Stirling's Legacy
Stirling's Muses

inside-out Altes Museum
...a construction using the Altes Museum model whereby the exterior walls of the Altes Museum are used to create an interior courtyard. ...first invert the plan. ...a whole new buildings through the manipulation of existing model data.

more daring @ Quondam
...far more manipulative of the model and 2D data in the collection. ...collaged-distorted designs demonstrating the true possibilities of "virtual" space and museums of architecture. definitions of museums are also being created in the process--a "virtual" museum can go beyond the "mission" of a real museum.

merge building models
...merge building models into the site models of the various museums, and from there create/design virtual exhibits.
...furthest venturing into the virtual museum metaphor so far. ...a new range of display possibilities using the Philadelphia model as the site for virtual architectural exhibits. ...the Great Pryamids superimposition was just the beginning. ...morph any building or section of the city in the name of a virtual architectural exhibit. This seems unprecedented and has implications for virtual exhibits and museology.

[hyper]murals @ the Altes Museum new murals for the porch at the Altes Museum. This will reenact the original and now destroyed murals. Also incorporate murals into the upper balcony area.

Museum of Architecture for Venice project for a museum of architecture in Venice. ...resurrect this project as Ur-Quondam. is a continuation of the Schinkel-Corbu-Stirling legacy, especially to Schinkel's Court Gardener's House. ...exhibit of the building filled with a collage of rooms (plans)...

individual building comparisons
...comparing Hurva Synagogue and St. Pierre as religious architecture, and comparing the Dominican Convent and the Altes Museum because of their almost exact same size and the similar enclosure of repetitive units.
The Hurva-St. Pierre comparison is about similar scales in plan, but very different scales in elevation. As religious buildings, their comparison may shed insight upon their respective fulfillments of religious programs. Also the idea of comparing Hurva Synagogue to the Pantheon
The Dominican Convent-Altes Museum comparison will allow the creation of a new composite building which may be very original. The inside-out Altes Museum idea may work with this investigation as well.
...also Sober House 1 and Good-Bye House.

Department of Architectural Theory Annexation
1annex a : to attach as a proper attribute or as a distinctive quality     b : to attach as a necessary consequence     c : to add or join as a condition     2 a archaic : to add or join as an essential partss b archaic : to add or join as a subordinate or accessory part     3 a : to add at the end of something written or spoken   : SUBJOIN, APPEND     4 a : to join in a closely united but subordinate capacity   : take pocession or control of :assume rights or jurisdiction over; specif : to incorporate
2annex a : an added stipulation or statementss   b: SUPPLEMENT; esp : a collection of supplementary structure either part of or separate from a main structure.

the new Not There
The opening theme for the revised Not There begins with the "new ideal city," "analagous buildings" and the Capriccio, the kit of parts, and ultimately Not There, the site.

infinite collection of Quondam
...Quondam's collection is already infinite. "Playing" with the collection through the many capabilities of CAD...

virtual Philadelphia
... using the Philadelphia model as a base for new "construction" of unbuilt or demolished Philadelphia, for example, M/G's Market St. Gallery, Kahn's Planning Commission studies and his City Hall, the Furness buildings that are long gone, and the cast iron district torn down to make room for Independence Mall.

patterning as animated gifs

Benjamin Franklin Parkway: An Interpolation
The Parkway as virtual place from its very inception.
A history of the Parkway.
The present "failure" of the Parkway.
The rational of the new design and the meaning of interpolation - new traffic pattern and new land use.
The inspiration, e.g., Stirling, figure-ground inversion, negative topiary, Plecnik's Houses under a Common Roof, the urbanism of Leon Krier, the present condition of the site itself.
Parking garages.

the Ichnographia Campus Martius as "theme park"   3068

Quondam over-riding interest in things that are incomplete (i.e., unbuilt projects)... ...might somehow relate this theme of incompleteness directly to Quondam. ...displays as fragments or even non-sequiturs. There is also the idea of mixing up the collection as per the idea for the period rooms at the PMA.
Does this mean starting a lot of projects and display them incomplete. Of course, I want to see all the projects complete, but there is also much data within models that just never gets recorded. ...the displays at Quondam as ongoing displays of the whole process of putting models together and putting the museum together. This modus operandi might just work.
...also Quondam as a place of architectural inspiration--a place of the muses. ...getting into the habit of always creating new drawings. The real goal with Quondam should be to create an incredible and extremely large collection of architectural drawings. There should be drawings of everything, and each item should be dated.

virtual place
It is perhaps the pervasive and very reliable archival and repository nature of virtual place that makes it at an advantage over real place. It could be described as an historian's dream come true in that all transactions and data creation and transmittals are recorded in time. Time and its immediate connection to action is one of the supreme (if not the supreme) features of virtual place in cyberspace.

new work @ Quondam
...slowly build a "virtual place," a kind of Quondam Ichnographia that eventually reflects Quondam's essence and modus operandi.

2000.02.10 17:39
and the unimportant winner is . . .
The last sentence of the text at /virtualmuseum.html reads:
"As envisioned by Asymptote and the Guggenheim, the Guggenheim Virtual Museum will emerge from the fusion of information space, art, commerce, and architecture to become the first important virtual building of the 21st century."
Forget the Guggenheim, I want to know what the first UNIMPORTANT virtual building of the 21st century is. Any nominations?
So far, the Guggenheim Virtual Museum is so virtual it's completely "not there," except for its importance, of course.

virtual museum commentary
Virtual museums, that is, those museums that exist within the cyberspace of the Internet, travel to individuals rather than having individuals travel to them. The virtual museum in its fundamental 'approach' is exactly opposite that of a real museum.
Virtually anyone can now create a virtual museum, and perhaps the more a virtual museum is unlike a real/traditional museum the better. is very much a new kind of virtual museum, one that displays and sells just about anything and everything. A museum and shop all in one. And don't forget the democracy of the whole operation.
Just for the record, the virtual museum component of is so virtual that it so far exists only as a project, a few introductory webpages, and a very premature Architecture magazine feature. Furthermore, its announced Spring 2001 on-line arrival has not yet switched over to reality.
Perhaps someday someone will write a book entitled Virtual Standards.
Quondam's collection, moreover, is unlike any traditional museum collection because it continually generates its own growth. Digital data has the inherent ability to spawn more and more new digital data.
In Quondam thinking, content is preferred over display.
Interface is often more like "in your face."
With the theory of chronosomatics the human body is already a museum of humanity's entire history from the ground up, but that's another story.



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