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1783 birth of John Claudious Loudon

1813 birth of Adolphe Étienne Lance

Benjamin Franklin Parkway: An Interpolation
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war design (shameful architecture)
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understanding the mind
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Re: mil
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militarism and freedom
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architectural otherness
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scale comparison
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Re: iconodules
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2005 funeral of Pope John Paul II

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Low-income housing in Los Angeles: A look at the past, present and future
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Frank Gehry   New Conservatory of Music   Krakow

EMBT   Kálida Sant Pau Centre   Barcelona

97040801 Museum of Arts and Crafts plans elevations   2244i02
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1999.04.08 10:00
war design (shameful architecture)
...my original statements on the subject which included to statement: "concentration camps are always real, and rarely, if ever, virtual." what I meant here is that concentration camps absolutely require physical architectural entities -- walls, gates, some kind of "ordered" housing, (watch) towers, places for the oppressors, and places for the oppressed. manifestation of the 'concentration' in concentration camps emanates from the delimiting and restricting nature (or is it power?) of architecture itself. in this sense, concentration camps utilize architecture for what is surely among the worst of purposes (and, as an aside, Piranesi's Carceri (prisons) also represent architecture used for one of its worst purposes, however, in this case it is our perception that is "tortured" rather than our corporal beings).
...about "her" concentration camp in Russia, and she told me it was a bombed-out hospital complex (and here Anand's observation regarding the wide spread potential for concentration camps definitely rings true). when those to be concentrated arrived, the surrounding "wall" was already there, however, shelter for the concentrated was merely buildings without glass in the windows, that is, until the windows were simply boarded up two weeks later.
What is most upsetting about the current events in the Balkans is Serbia's concentration on reenacting the worst parts of their history rather than reenacting their best.

2001.04.08 10:02
Re: mil
Regarding the Roman (mythological) origins of Rome I do have some knowledge, however.
It began with a rape, specifically a divinity, Mars, raping a (Vestal) virgin, Rhea Silvia.
This rape engendered twin brothers, Romulus and Remus.
Then came fratricide in a fight for domination. Romulus killed Remus and thus the 'Eternal City' is hence known as Rome (rather than Reme).
To populate his namesake city, Romulus devises a massive date rape, culturally depicted as The Rape of the Sabine Women. [August 18, same date as the feast of St. Helena -- this is the only clue I'll provide now as to the 'Roman' Christian inversion of all the 'facts' here outlined.] So here we have the son reenacting the father via the act of rape all in the cause of procreation of citizenry.
A year or two after the rape of the Sabine women, the Sabine men decided to avenge their daughters and attacked Romulus and his urbs. Romulus remained victorious, and paraded his enemies armor to certify his 'triumph', hence the many times reenacted Roman Triumph.
So goes the 'myth' of the origins of an 'eternal' city and then the origins of an empire. In concise terms it's rape, fratricide, rape reenacted, triumph, triumph reenacted [and then Imperial Rome as a whole is reenacted by Roman Christianity, yet in an inverted fashion].

2005.04.08 11:43
As soon as the inhabitants of Pessac began to alter the appearance of their homes counter to the modern 'purism' of Le Corbusier's design, might just pinpoint the beginning of post-modern architecture.

2005.04.08 12:25
Does it say anywhere that modernism must end as soon as post-modernism begins? If so, then who writes these rules?
[Did Judaism end as soon as Christianity began? Did Christianity end as soon as Islam began?]

2005.04.08 19:12
The religious analogy employed is not a stretch when you consider how this thread began, specifically in reference to a "paradigmatic shift". Christianity is a paradigmatic shift vis-ŕ-vis Judaism, and Islam is (in part) a paradigmatic shift vis-ŕ-vis Christianity.
Interestingly, the rise of Christian architecture did coincide with the end of 'classical' Pagan architecture--not long after Christian basilicas were built in Rome and Judea (under the supervision of St. Helena), the legislature under Constantine I (the son of St. Helena) began to steadily outlaw Pagan cults. Ultimately, under emperor Theodosius I, all Pagan cults within the Empire were outlawed, hence no more classical Temples.
[Is what I do modern or is it post-modern? Honestly, I don't care.]
Was it European Colonialism that began the end of many indigenous architectures throughout the "non-Western" world? Can the 'international style' of CIAM be seen somewhat as an extension of Colonialism?
[These are questions that interest me much more than whether Gehry is modern or post-modern.]

09040801 IQ museums galleries Garden of Satire plans   2120i23

14040801 Wallraf Richartz Museum Q Group context plan   2227i14
14040802 St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert site plan   2189i07
14040803 St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert Le Composites context plan   2177i28
14040804 New Not There City full plan new arris version   206bi17

16040801 Mesh Surface City Blocks site plan 4400x2200 IQ28   240ai07

17040801   Frank Gehry   New Conservatory of Music   Krakow
17040802   EMBT   Kálida Sant Pau Centre   Barcelona

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19040801   IQQ15 Philadelphia Berlin 1958 plans   2468i53
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21040701   patterning ris   248ai02
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