Pierre Victor Calliat
architect; b. September 1, 1801 (at Paris); d. January 12, 1881.
Calliat was a pupil of Chatillon and the École des Beaux Arts (1823). In 1832 he won the Prix Départemental. Calliat restored the church of S. Gervais (Paris) in 1862. In 1850 he founded the Encyclopédie d'Architecture which he conducted in association with A. E. Lance (below).

Adolphe Étienne Lance
architect; b. April 8, 1813 (at Littry, Calvados, France); d. December 24, 1874.
Lance was a pupil of Visconti and Abel Blouet. In 1850 he was made inspector of the works of restoration at the church of S. Denis under Viollet-le-Duc. In 1854, as architect of the diocesan edifices, he was charged with the restoration of the cathedral of Sens, Aisne, France, and had charge of that building until his death. He was associated with Victor Calliat (above) in editing the Encyclopédie d'Architecture, and published Excursions en Italie (1 vol. 4to, Paris, 1863). He is best known by his Dictionnaire des architectes français (2 vols. 8vo., Paris, 1875).

Alfred Stevens
sculptor, architect, painter, and decorator; b. 1818; d. May 1, 1875.
He spent nine years in Italy studying the entire field of art, painting, sculpture, architecture, and decorative design. In 1841-1842 he was associated with Thorwaldsen in Rome. In 1850 he became chief designer to the firm of Hoole and Company, metal workers, at Sheffield, England. A very large part of his finest work was done in the decoration of silverware, bronzes, cutlery, stoves, and other objects of utility. In 1856 he entered the competition for the proposed monument to the Duke of Wellington in S. Paul's cathedral. He received the commission for this work in 1858, and was occupied with it during the remainder of his life. The monument was placed in the cathedral in 1892. The original model is in the South Kensington Museum, and is important because of changes made in the finished work. Among the best of his decorative works are those of Dorchester House, London, including the splendid chimney piece of the dining-room, with its famous crouching caryatides.

John Burley Waring
artist and writer on art; b. 1823; d. March, 1875.
In 1843 Waring travelled in Italy and later in Spain. He published with Macquoid Examples of Architectural Art in Italy and Spain (folio, 1850), Architectural Studies in Burgos and Miraflores (folio, 1852). He was associated with M. D. Wyatt in preparing the handbooks for the Crystal Palace (8vo, 1854). He published also The Arts connected with Architecture: Central Italy XIII to XVII centuries (1 vol. folio, 1858); Notes of an Architect in Spain (1 vol. 8vo, 1852); etc.




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