7 April

1780 inaguration of the great theatre of Bordeaux by Louis Nicolas Victor Louis
1781 birth of Sir Francis Legatt Chantry

1803 John Lendthall appointed clerk of works at the Capitol in Washington, under Benjamin Latrobe
1824 birth of Edmond Jean Baptiste Théodor René Joly
1834 birth of A. B. Mullett
1898 death of Charles Yriarte

model projects
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Serbia circa 272 AD
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Re: AAD/contemporary sciences
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Re: GGBW/a saine house
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Re: art as architecture as art
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The Urausstellung
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Re: bilocation -- opening odds of Ottopia
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"The Pope's Funeral and Ichnographia Romaphilia"
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IQ ideas
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museum collecting
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Dissertation Topic
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Istanbul's new ultra-minimal Apple Store showcases a seamess glass box protruding from the ground
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Panel rejects design for Eisenhower Memorial
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guess the plan [building]
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Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Inquiry
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H arquitectes   Centre Cívic Cristalerias Planell   Barcelona

Viar Estudio Arquitectura   New School of Architecture   Aarhus

2000.04.07 13:33
Re: AAD/contemporary sciences
...have you ever considered the fact that most of what we see in the sky at night really doesn't even exist at this particular moment anymore?
For example, when astronomers recently discovered planets around a star 40 light years away from Earth, the real truth is that they discovered planets that existed 40 years ago. Granted, chances are that those planets (if that's what was really found) exist right now as well, but we on Earth really won't be certain of that until 40 years from now.

2000.04.07 13:22
My theory is that human imagination operates in the same fashion that the human body operates. The study of corporal operations is called physiologies, and human physiologies comprise fertility, embryonic development, assimilation, metabolism, osmosis, electromagnetism to name the most predominant and those concentrated within specific corporal organs/locations. I theorize that human imagination comprises the same physiologies.

2000.04.07 20:35
Again, where is the logic that our brain operates differently then the rest of the body? For example, if the liver can metabolize, and the skin can metabolize, and the intestines can assimilate, and the kidney and the lungs can osmosify, and indeed every cell can osmosify, then why is it such a leap to imagine that the brain can metabolize, assimilate, osomsify (etc.) as well?

2000.04.07 13:43
Re: GGBW/a saine house
...'theming' (theme-ing), the same thing that casino, hotel, resort, and mechandizing designers do all the time.
Theming is not the same thing as reenactment, but there is definitely a relation between the two.

030407a 5233 Arbor Street dining room model   2166i06
030407b 5233 Arbor Street plans   2166i07
030407c 5233 Arbor Street plans   2166i08

040407a Whitemarsh Hall Horti Valeriani 5233 Arbor Street Wall House 2 Villa Rotunda plans   2166i18 2166i18a

2014.04.07 09:59
Dissertation Topic
Well Designed Limits =/? Architecture
optional subtitle: So the answer, so the question

2014.04.07 10:13
Istanbul's new ultra-minimal Apple Store showcases a seamess glass box protruding from the ground

"I heard their next project is a Garden of Eden on Uranus. Then again, I also heard some designers think it's about time for a Visible Panty Line revival."

2014.04.07 18:00
Panel rejects design for Eisenhower Memorial
Susan Eisenhower's June 20, 2013 statement, "Lastly he [Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission Chairman Rocco Siciliano] repeated again that my brother, David, had voted for the Gehry design, when in fact David supported the concept of another architect." really is provocative, and perhaps even ambiguous. It could mean that at the time when different architect's designs were being voted on that David did not vote for Gehry's design, but after Gehry's design was chosen, he then went along with the Commission's decision. In any case, I don't think that Susan is all out telling an untruth.
I find this also provocative: "Mr. Gehry told my sister and me last year that the metal scrims are a non-negotiable part of the memorial design – the element that makes this a Gehry." Did Susan and her sister then think, "What does he think this is then, a Gehry Memorial?"
If Gehry really said that, then that's what is most likely this Memorial's biggest design mistake.

15040701   H arquitectes   Centre Cívic Cristalerias Planell   Barcelona

16040701 Villa Plus Ultra plan model site plan 2200x1100 Ury IQ61   2398i07   b
16040702 Villa + 15 plan model site plan 2200x1100 Ury IQ61   2409i07   b
16040703 Villa + 15 plan model site plan 2200x1100 Campo Rovine IQ57   2409i08   b
16040704 Mesh Surface City Blocks site plan 4400x2200 IQ24   240ai06

16040701   Viar Estudio Arquitectura   New School of Architecture   Aarhus

18040701 Appian Way Las Vegas Strip 1972 plans orthagonal images   2063i02
18040702 Acropolis of Contemporary Art site plan roof plan orthagonal   2473i01   b

20040701   Acadia NPHQ Building PMP Tower @ Franklin Square plan model iiq06   2204i22   b

21040601   icm original orientation 1=96/3072 from 17102902   2110i214




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