10 April

1029 death of Fulbert

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Campo Marzio - bibliography
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Campo Marzio - compiling old material
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Re: militarism and freedom...
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Re: iconodules
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10 April
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Frank Gehry unveils plans for his first buildings in England
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When innovation runs shallow: What's the commotion with eVolo winner New York Horizon?
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Race for the Prize Aravena's Pritzker ceremony, the scourge of unpaid internships and more on Archinect Sessions #59
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Architecture/Urban Design Project Question
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15 Wall 2 House
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Thomas Raynaud   Multi-purpose Buildings   Barcelona

OMA   Steady Study   Tokyo

030410a 5233 Arbor Street plans model   2166i09

2004.04.10 15:59
Re: iconodules
It seems fair to refer to Wren's London parish church designs (1670s to 1680s) as the paradigm for subsequent 'American' Protestant Churches. St. Paul's (Anglican) Cathedral, Wren's most prominent/iconic London church, however, reenacts St. Peter's (Roman Catholic) Basilica at Rome. And then, St. Paul's Cathedral is subsequently reenacted by the U.S. Capitol.

09041001 rems models elevations perspectives   2419i34
09041002 rems models   2419i35
09041003 rems models   2419i36
09041004 rems perspectives   2419i37
09041005 IQ Parkway Interpolation ICM footprints section 4
09041006 IQ Parkway Interpolation ICM footprints section 5

14041001 St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert District Q context plans   2189i08
14041002 St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert Q Group context plans   2080i26
14041003 St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert Novel Architecturale context plans   243bi10


2014.04.10 20:03
Frank Gehry unveils plans for his first buildings in England
I designed a Stoner Food Restaurant in 2006, and I didn't even come close to crossing my line, hence no guilt whatsoever!

2014.04.10 21:56
Frank Gehry unveils plans for his first buildings in England
I do not have an aesthetically based intellect. I have a design based intellect. There is a difference.

2014.04.10 22:12
Frank Gehry unveils plans for his first buildings in England
aesthetics: outward appearance: the way something looks, especially when considered in terms of how pleasing it is
design verb (used with object) 1. to prepare the preliminary sketch or the plans for (a work to be executed), especially to plan the form and structure of: to design a new bridge.
2. to plan and fashion artistically or skillfully.
3. to intend for a definite purpose: a scholarship designed for foreign students.
4. to form or conceive in the mind; contrive; plan: The prisoner designed an intricate escape.
5. to assign in thought or intention; purpose: He designed to be a doctor.
6. Obsolete . to mark out, as by a sign; indicate.
verb (used without object) 7. to make drawings, preliminary sketches, or plans.
8. to plan and fashion the form and structure of an object, work of art, decorative scheme, etc.
noun 9. an outline, sketch, or plan, as of the form and structure of a work of art, an edifice, or a machine to be executed or constructed.
10. organization or structure of formal elements in a work of art; composition.
11. the combination of details or features of a picture, building, etc.; the pattern or motif of artistic work: the design on a bracelet.
12. the art of designing: a school of design.
13. a plan or project: a design for a new process.

16041001 Tower of Shadows plan model site plan 8800x4400 Chandigarh IQ59   2186i09   b
16041002 Museum of Shadows working model site plan 2200x1100 Campo Rovine IQ60   2452i01

17041001   Thomas Raynaud   Multi-purpose Buildings   Barcelona
17041002   OMA   Steady Study   Tokyo

20041001   iiq06 base model Franklin Sq Mikveh Israel Gimbel SQ axonometric -60,0,180 raw   2348i43

21041001   icm plan schematic modeling   2110i215
21041002   15 Wall 2 House model   2487i02




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