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1567 death of Ligier Richier

1665 Louis XIV invites Bernini to Paris

Independence Hall     1748
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Re: being/critical
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figure/ground vs field condition
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Architecture displaying movement?
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The Cliffs

cliff hanger
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Ai Weiwei
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Interview: Josť Oubrerie
2014.04.11 10:10

Frank Gehry unveils plans for his first buildings in England
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When innovation runs shallow: What's the commotion with eVolo winner New York Horizon?
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architecture gone wrong
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chairs, the future
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OMA SLA   Christiansholm Island Masterplan   Copenhagen

MOS   Rosseau Lake College   Ontario

040411a Ottopia Schizophrenic Fold 1 plans   2307i03
040411b Schizophrenic Fold 1 plan   2307i04
040411c Schizophrenic Fold 2 plan   2307i05
040411d Ottopia Schizophrenic Fold 2 plans   2307i06
040411e Ottopia Schizophrenic Fold 1 2 plan   2307i07
040411f Schizophrenic Fold 3 plan   2307i08
040411g Ottopia Schizophrenic Fold 3 plans   2307i09
040411h Ottopia Schizophrenic Fold 1 2 3 plans   2307i10
040411i Schizophrenic Fold 3 rotated plan   2307i11
040411j Ottopia Schizophrenic Fold 3 rotated plans   2307i12

2005.04.11 09:22
figure/ground vs field condition
Can you explain why the (so-called) extraordinarily rigid figure/ground relationship outside the Museum of Contemporary Art needed compensating? What about the temporary exhibit was non-rigid? (That's 'non-rigid' speaking figuratively, since the exhibit structure comprised many rigid components. The notion of non-hierarchical also seems a figurative notion, since a temporary condition by definition falls within a hierarchy.)
Exactly what classical figure/ground compositions does the City of Culture in Santiago de Compestela design-as-commentary dissolve? To me, the design looks more like the rethinking of a typical US suburban mall. Suburban malls are more a field condition than a figure/ground composition, aren't they?
Eisenman's Holocaust Memorial is probably more a traditional figure/ground condition inserted into a site-specific inserted field condition, rather than the other way around. Berlin since the end of WWII was/is hardly a 'traditional' place anymore.
If field conditions are somehow non-hierarchical, why do I get the feeling that field conditions are seen (at least by those that design them) as somehow better than figure/ground compositions?

2005.04.11 11:18
I'm not too sure that I would relate Le Corbusier and Kahn as the same type of 'International Style'.
South America does indeed appear to have much more 'International Style' architecture than North America.
Reread Loos because the whole anti-ornament issue stems from a critique of 'primitive' tattooing, which very much evokes 'colonialism thinking'.

2005.04.11 13:23
What is the universal truth that Modernity believes in?
What are some examples of relative truths?
[Isn't the notion that the world is "complex without objective truth" itself "a belief that there is some kind of objective universal truth?"]
So Postmodernity replaces Modernity's certainty of rationality with the certainty of relativity?
[Is "the ether" still the playground architectural theory plays in?]
What is more truthful, professional architectural photography or the candid snapshot of a building?

2005.04.11 14:57
Maybe it's just me, but I see professional architectural photographic akin to plastic surgery, a kind of makeover.
I like Sherman's work a lot, but I see it as reenactionary before anything else. [Reenactment works with degrees of separation, anything from getting as close to the original as possible, to stretching the truth as far as it will go.]

2005.04.11 15:07
Architecture displaying movement?
Aldo Rossi's Teatro del Mondo.
The original spiral columns at St. Peter's which came from Greece.
The Elgin Marbles.
The Japanese House in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia--from Japan to MoMA's courtyard to Philadelphia parkland.
The International Space Station.
Is it possible for any architecture to display movement if it stays in the same place all the time?

2005.04.11 15:38
Architecture displaying movement?
Quondam - A Virtual Museum of Architecture goes all over the planet. Sometimes it's even big in Japan.

2005.04.11 16:07
Architecture displaying movement?
Inside Ryerss Museum (the nearest museum to where I'm sitting right now) there are the entire contents of a Japanese Buddhist Temple (brought to Philadelphia as tourist souvenirs).
Doesn't the Chigago Tribune Building have pieces of significant architecture from all over the world embedded within its exterior wall at the pedestrian level?

2005.04.11 16:15
Architecture displaying movement?
I think there's even a piece of Stonehenge embedded within the exterior wall of the Chicago Tribune Building.
Expressionism in the ether playground?
If Wright's Gugguenheim spiral expresses movement, then it's more the stolen movement of Momo's Vatican ramp design into Wright mythology.

2005.04.11 16:24
Architecture displaying movement?
What about the Gate of Babylon in Berlin?
Or the piece of the Berlin Wall on my window sill?

2008.04.11 12:37
Now 1/10th into de Duve's Kant After Duchamp. The passages I read last night reminded me of some passages within Tafuri's Theories and History of Architecture. I guess I like lists interspersed throughout prose. Likewise, just reading the index of Lefebvre's The Production of Space fascinates me.
Had hoped to gleam more from "Museum" within Privacy and Publicity, thus now planning to reread "The Portable Museum" within Demo's The Exiles of Marcel Duchamp.

2011.04.11 10:22
Ai Weiwei
Are we not now conditioned to see all discontent as an opportunity?
Parenthetically, what is progress without discontent?

14041101 collection grid Northeast Philadelphia NNTC IQ grid plans   2404i08

2014.04.11 10:10
Interview: Josť Oubrerie
I would think Oubrerie really has to qualify his statement about Wigley; I wonder how well Oubrerie even knows Wigley. I've had a couple of conversations with Wigley and he's quick and he's sharp, and judging by his writings he's intensely analytical. I never get the impression, however, that he doesn't like architecture. Personally, I'd love to have periodic debates/conversations with Wigley, not only for the joy of it, but because it would make me quicker and sharper as well.

2014.04.11 11:01
Frank Gehry unveils plans for his first buildings in England
... if any of my work(/linkages) are a source of valor, it is because I actually did the intellectual work--without doing the work there would be no valor. Thus, there is valor in all you propose above (Apr 10, 14 8:03 pm) only if you actually do those things. There's not much valor in just writing it down and then suggesting that that's what others should do. Relatedly, if you look at my last comment on Schumacher, you'll see that I see his complaints as misplaced/misdirected because his actual work suggests, for me at least, a much better value/source of valor. Furthermore, my mention of 'impatience with history' means Schumacher seems to seek glory for his work rather than deriving a better valor from his work. So again we see that valor is integral with and only derived from the actual doing.

2014.04.11 11:13
Frank Gehry unveils plans for his first buildings in England

There's no question that the style of 1960s cartoon futurism has crept into (some aspects of) contemporary architectural design, but the really distinctive part of 'Jetsons' architecture is the sparse use of super tall pilotis that release architecture from terra firma. I doubt architecture on Earth will ever be that free of gravity, although Koolhaas/OMA often push exactly that gravity boundary with their designs.

15041101 Monastery of La Tourette 1100x550 plan   2178i00

16041101   OMA SLA   Christiansholm Island Masterplan   Copenhagen

17041101   MOS   Rosseau Lake College   Ontario

20041101   iiq06 base model Franklin Sq Mikveh Israel Gimbel SQ axonometric -60,0,270 raw   2348i44
20041102   30th St Station Railyard REMs solids   2430i24

21041101   Wave Wall House 2 wall grid opaque   2410i06
21041102   15 Wave Wall 2 House model   2491i01
21041103   Wave Wall House 2 model   2410i07

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