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2003.10.05 14:47
Re: the McMansion Effect ((space))
Re: test (poem?) by whomevers
date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 07:44:29
[architecture as interface comes with the architecture of schizophrenic interfacing...]
[buildings constantly move, doors can be windows, windows can be doors, stairs to Pilate are climbed annually on knees, walls may soon all talk, floors will mostly remain flat, ceilings with sprinklers are virtual skies that harbor emergency rain, roofs probably more than anything manifest architecture's shape, lights, camera, Africa, machines to create architecture with, furniture and painting as one, utilities that never fail (sic), plants, of course, grass gets high, sidewalk, siderun, sidecrawl, sidesit, sideroll-over, driveway complete with Jeep, garage sale as museum,..]
..and then there's all the stuff that is now created and stored digitally, which sometimes gets put in digital museums.
Are the large homes and all their contents of today something like subliminal evocations of museums? "A man's home is his castle." And just look at how many actual castles and palaces are now actual museums.
"I want a McMuseum, hypersized."
Take a moment or two to count the 'collections' presently in your home.
[Could Quondam or Museumpeace get in the business of designing and executing museums for anyone that virtually wants one?]
joke from the early 1980s:
A: What comes after museum?
Q: pre-shrine
In terms of my personal aspiration to be both an architect and an artist, it is precisely via museums that my goals are fulfilled. I never imagined I'd then also become a hyper-writer in the process, however.

2004.04.14 14:29
Re: this from UCLA
It seems clear that what the Palestinian students are doing is reenactionary. Moreover, what are walls if not seminal architecturism? "architecturalizing reenactment" sounds like a synonym for mnemonics (especially as outlined by Quintilian--reference Frances A. Yates, The Art of Memory, page 3).

2004.04.14 17:18
Re: enactionary architecturism
Reenactionary appears to be a word I invented sometime in second half of 1999.
The first time I wrote the word architecturism was 30 January 2001 within personal notes, and the first time I wrote architecturism 'publicly was 28 October 2001 here at design-l. [Actually, the first time I wrote 'architecturism' publically was at Quondam 2001.07.31 with the feature 'Reenactionary architecturism' at wqc/reenactionary.]

2004.06.02 10:45
Re: Mystery Art Book
2000.05.31 journeys out of the body (into hyperspace?)
2000.10.07 non-Euclidian geometry
2000.10.10 Plea for Euclid - some comments

2004.06.24 07:10
None of this is nice or a good discourse. What exactly about architecture has been discussed here? Almost all of the above exemplifies pseudo-intellectualism as a superficial veil over what is really nothing more than an 'almost argument' over aesthetics.
Perhaps I'll someday compose a documentation on So-Called Architecturism.

2005.06.22 12:54
quondam 1 : some incompletely architectural museum   2 : architecture as delivery of content   3 : a practice hypermuseum   4 : the architecture [publishing] domain of Stephen Lauf   5 : a virtual place in architectural history   6 : a premier unbuilding that continually undoes itself   7 : the first virtual museum of architecture online   8 : (from the Latin) once, at one time, formerly; at times, sometimes, once in a while; some day, one day (in the future)

2005.08.29 10:54
Hi, Gorgeous. Haven't I Seen You Somewhere?
As words, reenactionary and architecturism are intentionally tinted with satire.
tint 4. A barely detectable amount or degree; a trace.

2006.02.09 16:36
on REM again: isn't OMA just a waco?

Hyperbuilding, Bangkok, 1996
GO EAST bank of Ohio River
...time is ripe for reenactment.

Ichnographia Ottopia
Ichnographia Ottopia. This “place” will house/incorporate all the plans and all the 3d data. Ultimately, it will be a gigantic virtual museum of architecture.
Ichnographia Ottopia is the vehicle for creating lots of new architecture.
...put the plan of Whitemarsh Hall into the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and then use other plans as indicative of period rooms. ...ultra-modern "hyper buildings" by collaging the surface forms and standard office block shapes--"infringement complex" plus "surface shapes".

2007.04.21 13:22
Featured Discussion: Volume
Look up magazine in a good dictionary.
1 a : a place where goods or supplies are stored
2 a : a place to store ammunition
Bouman states Volume's position well. But the whole "kind of de-territorialized" stance is weak, tepid at best.
As an architect, with no practice, a dormant license, no ties to any institution, no real contact with other architects and very little real contact with other people, yet, via the internet, still operating within the architectural realm and even having some effect (big effect even if the full range from negative to positive is considered), I know all about de-territorialization because, as an architect, de-territory is the only place I am. [An interesting twist in this particular discussion (place) is that Mark Wigley is the only person here that has actually met me, and thus he knows just how de-territorialized I actually am.]
Oddly, de-territorialization is what provided me with an architectural comfort zone.
[note to self: how does bilocation relate to de-territorialization? Is bilocation like a hyper inverted de-territorialization??]

2007.07.19 11:31
Verb: Featured Discussion
Where exactly does the imperative for "public discourse" come from? Is the public asking for it?
Perhaps architects themselve are hypercritical, and that's where the real problem with architectural discourse lies.
I'll critique critique, but I'll rarely critique design (and that's because I genuinely like all buildings).

2009.01.25 11:21
Re: Philly Row House
I'm thinking of designing North Philly as hyper-suburban. Versailles plus ultra even.

2009.10.23 15:10
Really, what boundaries have you pushed?
Is the rollercoaster a boundary? Or is riding the rollercoaster an experience of pushing boundaries?
food for thought:
"Writing in a language never fully his own, Kafka pushes that language further and further in the direction of his own deterritorialization, to the point where it shakes free all literariness, taking on a concrete but strange--surreal? hyperreal?--materiality. Deleuze and Guattari actually characterize Kafka's mode of writing as a "new sobriety." They contrast the rigorous strangeness of his form of literary enunciation with the esoteric and kabbalistic mysticism of Max Brod, his friend and fellow Czech-Jewish writer, the latter attempting to effect a symbolic reterritorialization by artificially enriching the appropriated German language with arcane signifiers. Likewise, citing the parallel instance of two Irish writers, James Joyce and Samuel Beckett, Deleuze and Guattari compare Joyce's excessive, polyglot Irish-English with Beckett's parsimonious English and French: "The former never stops operating by exhilaration and overdetermination and brings about all sorts of worldwide reterritorializations. The other proceeds by dryness and sobriety, a willed poverty, pushing deterritorialization to such an extreme that nothing remains but intensities."
"We happen to be fundamentally interested in challenging and advancing typologies. So from day one we were much more interested in "OK, this has to be a flexible theater. What does that mean? How do we do that? How do we make that happen."

2011.01.08 11:00
"On Criticism" an aggregate thread
...a virtual museum of architecture
a project
institutional critique, even (perhaps a virtual museum is what a real museum cannot be)
continually reshaped
globally readable
cado coda
architecture as the delivery of content
In the future, 15 years of hypercritique will be famous.

2011.01.14 12:02
7 Wonders (and a half) of POSTMODERN architecture?
Charles Holland at Fantastic Journal:
I'm currently involved in writing a book re-appraising architectural Post Modernism. It's top secret, hush-hush. Part of it contains a top ten of Po-Mo moments, which I realise makes it sound like a rather ugly box of chocolates. Anyway, now that the final mix has been agreed I thought I'd share a few of the ones that didn't make the final cut.
Anyway, here's a selection of 'id' moments:

Gooding House aka Weight-Watchers House

Ur-Ottopia House

Good-bye House

Gooding Trice House

Gooding Trice Villa

Psycho-Suburban Poché
Alas, travels in Hyper Reality

the proverbial "are we there yet?"



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