4 July

1755 letter from Robert Adam regarding the dedication of Piranesi's next plan of ancient Rome
1795 the corner stone of Charles Bulfinch's State House in Boston was laid

1800 birth of Henry Shaw
1826 death of Thomas Jefferson

Encyclopedia Ichnographica
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next @ schizophrenia + architectures
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1972 Olympic Stadium Munich satellite photo
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Circus of Maxentius satellite photo
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things to see/ do in Philiadelphia
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The Philadelphia School, deterritorialized
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Laura Piranesi
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OMA   Dharma Niaga   Jakarta

13070401 Franklin Deleno Roosevelt Memorial plans sections scans   2403i07

14070401 Ury House and Farm contours opaque flat   2090i12
14070402 Ury House and Farm site plan site model   2090i13

16070401 reMS Building 101 working model data   2453i02   b   c
16070402 reMS Building 101 model perspectives   2453i03   b
16070403 AH001 model   2451i04   b

16070401   OMA   Dharma Niaga   Jakarta

17070401 House VI plans elevations section to scale   2220i02
17070402 House @ Riva San Vitale plans section elevation image   2221i01
17070403 Gehry Residence plans elevations   223ei02
17070404 Brant House Addition elevation   223bi03
17070405 Koshino House plans section elevation image   225gi01
17070406 Giovannetti House site plan plans section elevation   224bi01
17070407 Graves Residence elevation   225fi02
17070408 Villa dall'Ava site plans plans elevations sections  2276i08
17070409 Rachofsky House plans sections elevations   2294i01

18070401 Late 98 Houses Was Wagner Houses Wagner House plans   229ki01

19070401 Le Thoronet Abbey plan section elevation nts   2480i17
19070402 Dürer House plan section elevation nts   2480i18
19070403 Hardwick Hall plan elevation nts   2480i19
19070404 Chateau de Maisons plan section elevation nts   2480i20
19070405 Berrington Hall plan elevation nts   2480i21
19070406 freeway interchange plan nts   2480i22




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