17 September

1609 death of Pierre Biard (I)
1639 death of Stefano Maderna

1783 birth of Samuel Prout

1863 birth of Charles Robert Cockerell
1879 death of Eugène Emanuel Viollet-le-Duc

fact check and some truth
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Artistic License 001

Philadelphia 2026
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MDRDV build a new bank headquarters!
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Ichnographia Campus Martius plus ultra
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she said, he stuttered
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Video from Jacque Herzog's Columbia Lecture
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22 August
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Rem Koolhaas tapped to design Los Angeles Temple expansion
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SANAA   Museum of Modern Art   Shiga

Miguel Ubarrechena   Pabellón de España   Expo Milano 2015

1998.09.17 10:55
fact check and some truth
I specifically called to find out if the big BASCO sign's second design--where the red letters were painted yellow and then covered with an overall pattern spelling the word BEST--upon the meager of Basco and Best was also a Venturi office design. It was.
Last night, I re-read what Venturi, Scott Brown and Izenour said about Las Vegas signs in Learning from Las Vegas, and it is as if they unwittingly predicted the fate of their own big sign.

99091701 Dominican Motherhouse of St. Catherine de Ricci elevations   2206i01
99091702 Le Corbusier, people   2302i05
99091703 Palais des Congrès perspectives, axonometrics   2198i01
99091704 Palais des Congrès analysis   2198i02
99091705 Palais des Congrès site axonometrics   2198i03
99091706 Palais des Congrès Villa Savoye axonometrics   2198i04
99091707 Wall House 2 plans perspectives, axonometrics   2219i01
99091708 House 10: Museum plan, model   2197i01
99091709 House 10: Museum axonometric   2197i02
99091710 Silent Witnesses model   2225i01
99091711 Ichnographia Quondam plan study   2392i01

Artistic License 001

000917a Ichnographia Quondam plan study   2392i03   3339f
000917b Ichnographia Quondam plan study   2392i04
000917c Ichnographia Quondam plan study   2392i05
000917d Ichnographia Quondam plan study   2392i07
000917e mesh surface models clean wireframes   230ai23
000917f mesh surface cubed models clean wireframes   230ai24
00091707 mesh surface cubed models   230ai25
00091708 mesh surface cubed models clean wireframe   230ai26
00091709 Working Title Museum 002 model   2324i04   b   c   d
00091710 Working Title Museum 002 models elevations roof plan   2324i05   b   c
00091711 Working Title Museum 002 plans elevations perspectives models   2324i06   b   c   d
00091712 Working Title Museum 004 plan model   2326i02   b
00091713 Working Title Museum 002 perspectives axonometric   2324i07
00091714 Working Title Museum 004 perspectives   2324i07

Philadelphia 2026
...find out what the word is for 250th anniversary because that is the next major event year for Philadelphia and the USA.

07091701 Goldenberg House plans model   2179i03

2013.09.17 09:54
Video from Jacque Herzog's Columbia Lecture
In referring to the four inserted 'anchor' spaces of the Espacio Goya project, new spaces which replicate other (original) spaces throughout Spain that contain in situ murals painted by Goya, Herzog more than once used the word 'reconstituted.' To reconstitute means "to build up again by putting back together the original parts of elements." Since the original spaces are still entact, the proposed 'anchor' spaces of the Espacio Goya design are not a reconstitution. The correct word to describe the four 'anchor' spaces of the Espacio Goya is reenactment, as in, the four original spaces that contain Goya murals are enacted again at the Espacio Goya.
In separate contexts and almost just in passing, Herzog described both Stirling and Rossi as having "lost their [architectural designing] way" [as their careers matured]. This caught my attention because it is exactly the "lost ways" of Stirling and Rossi that have interested me the most over the last 30 years. Sixty years ago, many critics thought Le Corbusier 'lost his way' with Ronchamp, yet it is exacly the late (unexecuted) work of Le Corbusier that is now often a paradigm for current architectural works (including some works by Herzog and de Meuron).
Right now I'm wondering what projects will (or already do) indicate Herzog and de Meuron having lost their way. Perhaps Actelion Business Center is a leading indicator, or maybe it's the purposefully mis-described 'anchor' rooms of the Espacio Goya.

13091701 Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes conference room plan model   2216i07   b

14091701   Miguel Ubarrechena   Pabellón de España   Expo Milano 2015

15091701   Dresdner Bank Marburg Philadelphia site plans superimposed   223ci15   b

16091701 Nunnery schematic plan model   2290i02   b   c

18091701   SANAA   Museum of Modern Art   Shiga

19091701 Villa Mairea plan elevation   216bi04
19091702 Fallingwater Jacobs House 5233 Arbor Street Villa Mairea Houses Under a Common Roof Farnsworth House Kaufmann Desert House domestic plans elevations   2169i02
19091703 Baker House plan elevation working data   2173i01

21091701   surface collection 001 models   248ai07


2014.09.17 09:25
22 August
The drawing by Sandeepsingh Sisodia says virtually nothing about Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius. And it certainly does not "analyze the formal organization of the Campus Martius design argument, in the process trying to reveal the geometric connotations and connections Piranesi sought to delineate. This deliberation (or, as I like to call it, the self-afflicted drudge) led me to make the world's first manual drawing showcasing the analysis of the Ichnographia, 3 feet wide by 4 feet high, consisting of multiple vectors that establish credible relationships between the six-plates, and re-tell the story first conceived by the artist/architect exactly two and a half centuries ago (which I now suspect to have been a subconscious exercise)."

Self-serving delusion on the part of both Sisodia and Kipnis.




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