Pierre Biard (I)
architect, painter, and sculptor; b. 1559 (Paris); d. September 17, 1609.
He was probably the son of Noël Biard, a woodworker, employed at the Louvre under Pierre Lescot. He studied in Italy, and on his return was commissioned to make the beautiful choir screen (jubé) of the church of S. Etienne du Mont, Paris. September 18, 1590, he was made surintendant des bâtiments du roi. October 4, 1605, he contracted to make the equestrian statue of Henri IV over the portal of the old Hôtel de Ville, Paris. In 1608 he made the northern fireplace of the great hall of the old Hôtel de Ville. Of the splendid monument of Marguerite de Foix, which he made in the church of S. Biaise at Cardillac-sur-Garonne, destroyed in November, 1792, only the statue of Fame (Renommée) in the Louvre remains.

Fra Francesco Grimaldi
Grimaldi's first work in Naples was the convent and church (1590) of S. Apostoli. In 1608 he built the fine Capella del Tesoro at the cathedral, Naples. He built the church of S. Maria degli Angeli at Pizzo-Falcone near Naples. The reconstruction of the church of S. Paolo Maggiore, Naples, was accomplished from his designs after his death.

Annibale Lippi
Lippi built the Palazzo Salviati alla Longara and the Palazzo di Spagna in Rome. His chief work was the completion in 1590 of the Villa Medici, Rome, begun in 1550. This building is now the seat of the French Academy in Rome.




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