18 September

1590 Pierre Biard (I) was made surintendant des bâtiments du roi

1723 Edmé Bouchardon won the Grand Prix de Rome
1728 birth of Richard Mique
1760 birth of Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand

1938 death of Horace Trumbauer
2018 death of Robert Venturi

plan for the virtual museum
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metabolizing the existing data
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Morris Arboretum     3998e
Gravers Lane Station     1883 3998e
Vanna Venturi House     1964 3998e
Margaret Esherick House     1961 3998e

Franklin Street United Methodist Church     1879
Emlen Physick House     1878

Re: Is your tie straight?
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Ambrose and Theodosius questions
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Re: LC 2 (addendum)
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Re: travels in hyper-reality
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re: what is an architectural idea?
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18 September 1938
2006.09.18 07:25

H & deM in TriBeCa: 56 Leonard
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Your Ideal City mash up....
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2009.09.18 16:54     3332d 3749r 3771 3773i 5909m

under the Old Cotton Exchange
1912.09.18 12:45     3330e

18 September
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Architecture of Decadence
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2015.09.18.12:25     3312m
2015.09.18.17:19     3312m
2015.09.18.17:39     3312n

18 September
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2016.09.18 18:29     3314n

SANAA   Ochoquebradas House   Los Vilos

99091801 Hurva Synagogue model   2209i01
99091802 Hurva Synagogue 3/4 model   2209i02
99091803 Hurva Synagogue model   2209i03
99091804 Parliament Buildings of West Pakistan model   2205i01

2001.09.18 12:10
Re: Is your tie straight?
In brief, beyond Villa Savoye and Marsailles, the 'box on pilotis' motif re-occurs in the upper middle section of the Governor's Palace for Chandigarh, and later within the also unexecuted design for the Palais des Congrès à Strasbourg (1964). There are several minor examples as well. It is surely a design approach that Le Corbusier continually re-worked throughout his career, thus I see it as a more consistant application of "theory".

2001.09.18 14:45
Re: LC 2 (addendum)
In Oeuvre Complète vol 7, p. 153, in the section on the Palais des Congrès, there is a curious reference to one of the peripherial buildings to the Palais--'6. Hotel 226x226 sur pilotis de 5 m'. The 226x226 dimension is the same one used when describing the metal "erector set" system of the Maison de l'Homme. I've since always wondered if at that point LC was considering having the metal system of "boxes" also raised on pilotis. If so, it would be an interesting "exception."
I also confer to what you relate about the "evil earth"--this adds much to the box raised on pilotis "theory".
The Church at Firminy-Vert is an interesting example in that the upper "box" is designed as a square the "morphs" into a circle while "ascending". When I was constructing Quondam's computer 3d model of Firminy, I was indeed struck by what the lower levels (beneath the church proper) were composed of, essentially a grid of rooms.

2001.09.18 15:15
Re: travels in hyper-reality
The more one looks at Wildwood, the more it becomes apparent that themed hotels there are truly abundant. There is even a section in Wildwood Crest that 'reenacts' the Pacific Rim/Oceania--hotels themed Wai Kiki, Kon Tiki, Tahiti, Singapore Inn, etc. all next to and across from each other. Given the fact that practically all these hotels were well in place by 1970, I now wonder if it is not entirely possible to say that Wildwood's hotel architecture unwittingly is the precursor to today's Las Vegas, and to major portions of Disney World as well. This is not to say that Wildwood architecture somehow started a trend, but rather to regard Wildwood's architecture as a profoundly dense and extremely well preserved forerunner to what is today a global tourist architecture phenomenon.
Does anyone know of a good historical (i.e., chronological) survey of the 20th century's themed buildings?
Also, does anyone know of older (i.e., pre-1975) resort cities in other parts of the world that contain numerous themed hotels?

2002.09.18 12:54
re: what is an architectural idea?
Perhaps the real question is "What idea is an architecture?"

2006.09.18 07:25
18 September 1938
the death of Horace Trumbauer

2008.09.18 16:32
H & deM in TriBeCa: 56 Leonard

OMA, Idea Vertical Campus, Tokyo, Japan, 2004

2008.09.18 21:03
H & deM in TriBeCa: 56 Leonard
and talking about trusting opinion...
mirror, mirror on the wall

08091801 IQ01 Philadelphia street grid   2392i77
08091802 IQ01 IQ04 Philadelphia street grid   2390i07

2009.09.18 16:26
Your Ideal City mash up....
"...Piranesi's truly unique urban paradigm -- a city "reenacting" itself through all its physical, sociopolitical, and even metaphysical layers -- may well become the most real urban paradigm of the next millennium."
"Here a Versailles, there a Versailles, everywhere a Versailles, sigh."
"Pilgimage, Reenactment and Tourism"
Ichnographia Quondam

2009.09.18 16:54
Your Ideal City mash up....
Neuschwanstein + Las Vegas + Atlantic City + an Indian Reservation + Monte Carlo + Dubai + Angkor Wat + Pompei = "My kind of town."

09091801 Museum of Architecture Venice partial plan scan   2245i01

11091801 ICM Capitoline Hill Forum plans in register   2110i88

13091801 Palais des Congrès stage set Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes conference room models axonometrics   2198i18
13091701 Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes conference room plan model   2226i17

14091801   SANAA   Ochoquebradas House   Los Vilos

15091801   Dresdner Bank Marburg Philadelphia site plans orthagonal   223ci16
15091802   Dresdner Bank Clay Workers Co-op site plans superimposed   223ci17   b
15091803   Dresdner Bank Clay Workers Co-op site plans orthagonal   223ci18

16091801 Dominican Motherhouse Nunnery NATO Headquarters plans schematic plans image attached   2343i01
16091802 Dominican Motherhouse Nunnery NATO Headquarters plans schematic plans   2343i02

19091801 Cubist ICM iq placements   2436i60

22091800 icm original orientation with plate borders   2110i222
22091801 icm Tab. V   2110i223
22091802 icm Tab. VI   2110i224
22091803 icm Tab. VII   2110i225
22091804 icm Tab. VIII   2110i226
22091805 icm Tab. IX   2110i227
22091806 icm Tab. X   2110i228

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