31 October

1518 Guillaume de Marcillat first appears in the records of the cathedral of Arezzo

1622 birth of Pierre Puget

1808 Jean Armand Raymond retired from the association with Chalgrin
1809 birth of Edmund Sharpe

Re: Sen. Wellstone's grave
2002.10.31 12:31

Name that Architect and Building!!!
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atemporality at work?
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Long derided by architects, Prince Charles' model town Poundbury might not be all that bad after all
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011031a partial model of the Altes Museum   2120i15

2002.10.31 12:31
Re: Sen. Wellstone's grave
I think I now understand the difference between a visit and a visitation. Visits are something we all do and even take for granted, like visits to the doctor, to the library, to friends, etc. Visitations, on the other hand, are much the same as visits except they also involve spirit.

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