sideways extruded

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2007.10.31 13:18
Name that Architect and Building!!!
Yes it is Erdman Hall at Bryn Mawr College, a dormitory.

2007.10.31 09:21
Name that Architect and Building!!!
Here's the roofscape during a 2002 renovation:

Yes, it is a building by Louis Kahn.
The Halloween decorations in the first image are indicative of the building being inhabited by many young women.

2007.10.30 10:21
Name that Architect and Building!!!
trick or treat

image taken 6 years ago today

2007.10.30 10:10
Name that Architect and Building!!!
Emilio Ambasz, House of Spiritual Retreat, near Seville, Spain, 1979-2004.
Casa de Retiro

2007.10.29 10:17
Name that Architect and Building!!!

I'm glad you see Leicester in this building, which it is not. It's what I call a reenactment.
MDRT Foundation Hall
Pennsylvania, 1972
Mitchell Giurgola Architects

2007.10.28 09:36
Collage Architecture
...you just inspired Quondam's newest definition. Thanks.
quondam   1: an enormous online collage   2 : some incompletely architectural museum   3 : architecture as delivery of content   4 : a practice hypermuseum   5 : the architecture [publishing] domain of Stephen Lauf   6 : a virtual place in architectural history   7 : a premier unbuilding that continually undoes itself   8 : the first virtual museum of architecture online   9 : once, at one time, formerly; at times, sometimes, once in a while; some day, one day (in the future)




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