Pierre le Muet
architect and engineer; b. October 7, 1591 (at Dijon); d. 1669.
He was attached to the works at the church of Val-de-Grâce, Paris, from the beginning (see Mansart, N. F.), and by brevet of March 5, 1655, succeeded Jacques Lemercier as architect of that edifice. The walls had at this time reached the cornice of the great order of pilasters. After 1666 he was superseded by his associate Gabriel Le Duc. Le Muet published Manière de bien bâtir pour toutes sortes de personnes (folio, Paris, 1623).

Pierre Puget
sculptor, architect, and painter; b. October 31, 1622; d. December 1, 1694.
Puget was born at Marseilles (France). He was apprenticed to a shipbuilder, and was at first employed to decorate galleys. He came especially under the influence of Pietro da Cortona, Jean Bologne, Algardi, and Bernini. In 1655-1657 he made the famous caryatids of the portal of the Hôtel de Ville at Toulon. In 1660 he settled in Genoa, where, among other works, he made the colossal statues of S. Sebastien and S. Ambrose in the church of the Carignan. His practice as an architect was considerable. About 1664 he was occupied with the Arsenal, the Halle de la Poissonnerie, the Chapelle de l' Hospice de la Charité, and the Portail des Chartreaux at Marseilles, and the Hotel d' Aiguilles at Aix, and with the decoration of galleys at Toulon. Some of these decorations of ships are in the Louvre. He is best known as a sculptor of full statues and groups.




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