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1610 death of Ludovico Caracci

1867 death of Adolphe Napoléon Didron

Re: do tell
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memories of desire?
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regarding Eutropia
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Re: sketching
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Re: now look who's reenacting
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I Love Architecture
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appositional architecture
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I'm apologizing in advance.
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Rainmakers Share Your Tips
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Why won't you design what we (the public) want?
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Herzog & de Meuron   160 Leroy   New York

SANAA   Sydney Modern   Sydney

1998.11.13 15:11
Re: do tell
When I think of architecture and show, my mind makes all kinds of associations. First, I am hard pressed to think of an example of architecture that doesn't represent (show) something, and in that sense all architecture could be seen as some kind of show. Next, I think of how architecture is usually shown in photographs, that is, usually without people in the same picture. Could this be an indication of the autonomy that architects like to perceive in architecture? I'm reminded of a story an architect/friend's wife told about visiting Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye. There were a handful of other architects there, and not only were all the architects taking virtually the same pictures, but they were all making sure not to get each other in any of the pictures. I immediately thought the best pictures would have been of the architects doing this; at least that would have been a unique set of pictures.

031113a new studies for Parkway Interpolation   2330i02
031113b new studies for Parkway Interpolation   2330i03
031113c collection of plans with ICM plan additions   2120i17

2005.11.13 13:47
Amman [Jordan] is the site of the biblical Rabbath Ammon, though apart from some tombs excavated in the vicinity there are practically no remains of the ancient town. It was at the gate of Rabbath Ammon that Uriah the Hittite was placed in the forefront of the battle by order of David to meet his death. In Hellenistic times Ptolemy Philadelpus (283-246 B.C.) captured and rebuilt the city, renaming it Philadelphia, by which name it was known in Roman and Byzantine times. It was one of the cities of the Decopolis.
Encyclopedia Britannica

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appositional architecture
On 2002.02.03 I wrote a note regarding "appositional art" and the notion of
but concluded with being unsure of what appositional architecture is.
It now seems that I do know what appositional architecture is, and I've been doing it via the "recombinant architecture" and Ichnographia Quondam, and even the first two Houses for Otto, House of Ill-Repute 001, Le Composites, Cut & Paste Museum, etc. I can at least collect/list all the examples of "appositional architecture" at Quondam, and outline a display of the work.
Sober House 1     Analogous Building     Ur-Ottopia House     Maison Millennium 001     Palace of Ottopia     Haus der Kunst     House of Ill-Repute 001     Mosque Q     Sober House 2     Dominican Villa Savoye     House of Shadows Bye     Stoner Food Restaurant     Hurva Dormitories     Gooding Trice House     Gooding Trice Villa     Le Composites     Trivilla Savoye     Cut & Paste Museum     Ichnographia Quondam     Palais House 10: Museum     Headquarters of D.A.T.A.     Villa Plus Ultra     Courthouse Plus Ultra
There seems to be a thin line of distinction between appositional (architecture) and superimpositional (architecture), yet the 3-dimensional nature of architecture can simultaneously accomodate apposition and superimposition. For example, the Headquarters of D.A.T.A. is appositional in elevation and superimpositional in plan. I like this interesting double aspect* that architecture can facilitate.

2010.11.13 11:41
I'm apologizing in advance.
Perhaps the days of worthwhile-content-given-freely is steadily on the downswing (perhaps especially when given freely to an otherwise profitting site).
If worthwhile content received remuneration, there'd be lots of discourse.

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15111301   Herzog & de Meuron   160 Leroy   New York

17111301   SANAA   Sydney Modern   Sydney

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2013.11.13 19:37
Why won't you design what we (the public) want?


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