10 December

feast of St. Miltiades

1394 death of Adam Gheerys

1793 birth of Friedrich von Gärtner

First Virtual House of the 20th Century

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land of truths?
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Re: Sentimental Journey
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What are you reading?
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40 Jahre später, Le Corbusier´s "letztes Werk" (DE)
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Poll: Does an architect lose credibility if s/he can't draw?
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history network
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2001.12.10 13:12
land of truths?
...the recent phrase "and not a oak tree to be seen, less, land of oak trees" has resonated in my mind since reading it. Albeit sad, its truth can hardly be disputed. It really does make one think about what's real and what isn't. For example, does Philadelphia ever truly live up to it's name which means brotherly love? Or does New York have much to do with Old York (which I assume is York, England)?
Quite by accident (on Friday) I found a new book entitled The Geometry of Love by Margaret Visser. This book is all about the church St. Agnes Outside the Walls, Rome. Visser essentially describes every aspect of the church, and in so doing delivers an amazing portrait of a single place and all its (space/time) meaning.
In yesterday's NYTIMES, the article about Philadelphia's new concert hall begins with describing Philadelphia as "a city that time often seems to have forgotten." Maybe I should start referring to myself as Steve, from Tempobliviopolis.

2005.12.10 16:07
What are you reading?
Bloomingdale's Book of Home Decorating by Barbera d'Arcy. Copywright 1973 First edition.


06121001 Acropolis Q   2285i05   b

08121001 ICM scanned plans raw   2390i19

12121001 Basilica Sessorianum site plan true north   206ci02

13121001 30th Street Station Railyard studies ICM mirror-copies working data masterplan   2431i07
13121002 30th Street Station Railyard studies Pyramids plan model   2060i11   2431i08
13121003 30th Street Station Railyard studies IQ4 IQ7 ICM mirror-copies Pyramids plan model     2060i12   2431i09
13121004 30th Street Station Railyard studies IQ4 IQ7 ICM mirror-copies Pyramids axonometric (-70,0,-20)   2060i13   2431i10

15121001   museum compilation IQ Northeast Philadelphia plans   2092i13   b   c   d   e   f

16121001   NL   Nieuwe Nobelaer   Etten-Leur

17121001 Stockholm Public Library plans section elevation   2144i03
17121002 Tuberculosis Sanitorium site plan plans sections   215ci01
17121003 Casa del Fascio plans elevation section   2161i02

18121001 GAUA29 Salon d'Automne Weiss House Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti at Rho-Milan 10x10x10 Cube Grotta Residence Lauf Haus der Kunst Gooding Trice Villa ASouq 004 plans placed unedited   2429i337
18121002 GAUA30 Maison du Peintre Ozenfant 860-880 Lake Shore Drive Apartments Neue Nationalgalerie Eclectic House House in Laguna 001 House for Otto 3 Jung Zaha House ASouq 005 plans placed unedited   2429i338
18121003 GAUA31 Schindler-Chace House Glass House Levy Memorial Playground Gooding House Weishaupt Forum House for Otto 4 Trivilla Savoye Section House plans placed unedited   2429i339
18121004 GAUA32 Maison La Roche-Jeanneret Eames House and Studio Maison de l'Homme Dresdner Bank Netherlands Architecture Institute House for Otto 5 Cut & Paste Museum Mies van der Hejduk Quondam House plans placed unedited   2429i340
18121005 GAUA04 Pantheon Villa ā Garches Fifty by Fifty House Acadia National Park Headquarters Building Brant House Addition Villa dall'Ava House for Otto 9 Circle Squared Museum New Atheneum plans placed   2429i341
18121006 GAUA01 Stonehenge Temple of Venus and Rome Palace Stoclet Robie House Schröder House Maison Curutchet House 10: Museum Neue Staatsgalerie Arcadia Pavilion House for Otto 6 Duchamp Inn Andalusian Houses plans placed   2429i342
18121007 GAUA05 Temple of Venus and Rome AEG Turbine Factory Single House Weissenhof Notre Dame du Haut Smith House Clay Workers Co-op Wacko House 001 House for Otto 10 Palais House 10: Museum House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 008 plans placed   2429i343

18121001   OFFICE   Tim Van Laere Gallery   Antwerp
18121002   Sou Fujimoto   New Cultural Center   Ishinomaki

19121001 iiq03 model work   2392i148
19121002 iiq04 model work   2392i149
19121003 iiq03 base plans   2392i150
19121004 iiq05 model   2392i151
19121005 iiq05 base plans   2392i152
19121006 iiq05 base plan development   2392i153
19121007 iiq06 model   2392i154
19121008 iiq06 base plans   2392i155
19121009 appositional plans Fisher House Wacko House 002 Stusio Gooding Trice House Savoye Shadowed Annexation ASouq 003   2187i08




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