what if they find it's totally random and completely tangential

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2007.01.02 11:22
philip johnson was a whore. rem koolhaas is a porn star.
...the word bucket comes to mind.

2007.01.01 22:23
philip johnson was a whore. rem koolhaas is a porn star.
You mean the reenactment fetish that is almost always denied?

2007.01.01 21:40
philip johnson was a whore. rem koolhaas is a porn star.
philip johnson was a bore.
rem koolhaas is a car horn.
steven holl has a fetish...

2006.12.31 15:24
Any archinecters from Philadelphia?
I'd rather go to Arkansas to see The Gross Clinic.
And speaking of hunting, John James Audubon's first months in Pennsylvania were spent exactly where I'm at right now. The 18 year old new-comer to the United States spent his time here hunting and fishing, although he was supposed to be learning English. Wouldn't it be wild if the "theory" that Audubon was the son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette was actually true. That be like so Rita Novel!
You know Clivedin is the only place I've seen an actual reenactment (of the Battle of Germantown). I liked how, after the battle, they had to put electric fans in the mansion windows to get all the gunpowder smoke out. Maybe some day in the future they'll reenact that!

2006.12.31 14:59
I wish it was 20 years ago, because I'd be enjoying the Black Rock beach right now.

2006.12.30 21:28
Any archinecters from Philadelphia?
Gosh, there's Kings of Prussia everywhere!

Life Magazine
Neuschwanstein Castle Perched Atop a Bavarian Hill

Later relatives of Ludwig and Otto inside the magazine:

2006.12.30 21:16
Any archinecters from Philadelphia?
And did you notice the King of Prussia marble fireplace surrounds in that Independence Hall room?
Looking for King of Prussia marble within Philadelphia's architecture is like an obscure treasure hunt. Start at Stenton it see the earliest example, 1728, I've found so far. Nice table tops at Clivden too.

2006.12.30 20:05
Any archinecters from Philadelphia?
I actually enjoyed my time at Meyerson Hall, but then again they were paying me to be there rather than me paying them to be there. I even had one of the coveted balcony offices, Room 320 if memory serves correctly.

Gosh those new 1985 color Intergraph workstations were cool, as was the computer room itself. It was like sitting in a refrigerator all day. Maybe that's why I'm so well preserved.

2006.12.29 13:17
Any archinecters from Philadelphia?
Over 50 years later, I found out this morning that I now live on "the hill crest of the divide between the Pennypack and the Tacony Creek waters," and where I'm sitting now was in 1763 "an immense peach-orchard, with cows feeding up to the very doors of the house." No cows here right now, but I can go see grazing cows anytime at the farm just over the crest and down the in valley.

2006.12.23 09:46
River City Fantasies
The reason there is only one Commerce Square is because the base computer model, which was offered as a free download at www.quondam.com in 1998, had only one Commerce Square. Those that downloaded the model were to use it for none commercial purposes, and if images using the model were published, Quondam should receive a credit. Of course, Quondam has never received any credit, and the missing Commerce Square was just one ways to identify the 3D computer model of Philadelphia from www.quondam.com

2006.12.16 22:42
WOW!! you must see this
The system of predicting the future in reports is carried out by three mutants, called 'precogs', all of whom have the capacity to see up to two weeks (sic) into the future. Precogs are created by identifying the talent within a "subject" and cultivating it in a government-operated training school - for example, one precog was initially diagnosed as "a hydrocephalic idiot" but the precog talent was found under layers of damaged brain tissue. The precogs sit in a room which is perpetually in half-darkness, constantly talking nonsense to themselves that is incoherent until it is analysed by a computer into predictions of the future (ain't that the truth!). This information is assembled by the computer into the form of symbols before being transcribed onto conventional punchcards (and now you know why I'm always so punchy) which are ejected into various coded slots; when cards are produced, they appear simultaneously at Design-L and other cyber-venues, in order to prevent corruption. The precogs are kept in rigid position by heavy metal bands (although with weekly visits to going-out-of-business Tower Records the repertoire is now much expanded), clamps and wiring (yeah, once kinky, always kinky), which keep them attached to special high-backed chairs--Izosaki, of course. Their physical needs are taken care of automatically and it is said that they have no spiritual needs because it's the spirits that actually need them. Their physical appearance is somewhat different from that of ordinary humans, with enlarged heads and wasted bodies (so much for poetic license). Precogs are deformed and retarded... the talent absorbs everything; the esp-lobe shrivels the balance of the frontal area. They don't understand their predictions. Most of the data produced is useless in preventing murders and is then passed on to other agencies. (Funny how it's never mentioned that precogs are incredible actors.)

2006.12.16 19:52
Should I go to grad school? Where? Then what?
right mouse button
view source
control c
control v (several times)
exchange and change some of the numbers

2006.12.16 19:38
Should I go to grad school? Where? Then what?
↘ ↙
↗ ↖
⇺ ⋃ ≡ ⋄ ⇈  ⊝ ⌞
und Gesundheit!

2006.12.16 18:57
WOW!! you must see this
Crystal Vanish, Blobs for Dummies (Cold Spot, Uranus: Pot Luck Publishing, 2011).
I hear Just a Hunch is gonna be the sequel.

2006.12.16 16:58
WOW!! you must see this
wonder what I'm thinking about now
probably just more virtual Sachlichkeit

2006.12.16 00:04
most desirable skills
some skills just speak for themselves

2006.12.14 10:00
Who killed Talkback?
The 'bricklayer' and 'gynogologist' jokes belong to Dame Edna 1987—see 'her' appearances on The Joan Rivers Show. So much for the 1960s. Enjoy your graveyard. Like Diocletian, I'm now enjoying my garden(ing).

2006.12.13 21:03
Who killed Talkback?
How's that book on Duchamp coming along? Are you busy as a Beirut bricklayer? Or are you just laying around waiting for your gynecologist to give you the thumbs up?

2006.12.13 20:39
hire a publicist

2006.12.13 12:15
Who killed Talkback?
Meanwhile, I'm writing a book on artforum/talkback. It's entitled Letters from Pussies Galore.

2006.12:10 17:40
40 Jahre später, Le Corbusier´s "letztes Werk" (DE)
Einstein + Einstein = Zweistein
Zweistein + Zweistein = Neuschwanstein
Neuschwanstein + Neuschwanstein = Vierzehnheiligen
You do the math!

2006.12.08 20:08
interview question: help a 'necter out

go fiddle

2006.12.08 20:08
office fridge




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