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Pons Fabricius


Pons Fabricius

Ponte Fabricio,. «Dione nel lib. 37, P. Vitt. nell'epilogo.» Si dinota nella Tavola II col num. 9 e nella III, e suo indice col numero 65, e si dimostrato nel vol. XV della mia opera delle antich. Romane dalla Tav. XXI alla XXIV.

Pons Fabricius, the modern ponte del Quattro Capi. This stone bridge still joins the left bank of the river with the island. Inscriptions over the arches state that the bridge was built by L. Fabricius, curator viarum, in 62 B.C., and restored by M. Lollius and Q. Lepidus in 21 B.C. This structure is the one now standing, no further restorations of importance having been necessary. It is built of tufa and peperino with travertine facing, and has two semicircular arches, with a smaller one in the pier between. The present parapet is modern, but the original was divided into panels by pilasters supporting four-headed hermae, and connected by a metal balustrade. The two hermae at the east end of the bridge are original, and from them the modern name is derived. During the middle ages the bridge was known as the pons Iudaeorum, as it crossed the river directly from the Ghetto. (Platner)

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Pons Cestius, called Fabricius in the Ichnographia.




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