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Templum Florae


Templum Florae

The cult of Flora was of ancient Sabine origin and was established on the Quirinal, where Titus Tatius is said to have erected an altar. Nothing is known of the date of the building of the temple as it existed in historical times, or of its history, except a possible restoration by the younger Symmachus in the fourth century; nor is its site at all certain. We are told that a clivus led up to the Capitolium vetus from the temple of Flora, and that it was not far from the temple of Quirinus; but it is claimed that two sites conform to this statement, one outside the Servian wall at the foot of the Quirinal, near the piazza Barberini, and the other just below the Capitolium vetus, between it and the street ad Malum Punicum, the modern via delle Quattro Fontane. The street on which the temple stood was called Pila Tiburtiua. (Platner)

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