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Templum Fortis Fortuna


Templum Fortis Fortuna

The temple of Fors Fortuna stood at the first milestone on the via Portuensis, and was ascribed to Servius Tullius, as well as another temple of the same goddess at the sixth milestone, in the grove of the Arval Brethren. In 293 B.C. Sp. Carvilius built a temple to Fors Fortuna prope aedem eius deae ab rege Servio Tullio dedicatam, but it is uncertain which of the two earlier temples is referred to. Again, in 17 A.D., still another temple to this goddess was erected in the horti Caesaris, and therefore close to the first ascribed to Servius. In this neighborhood many small votive offerings in bronze have been found. The ruins of a concrete podium faced with peperino, with architectural fragments, which were discovered in 1861, may perhaps belong to the temple of Servius. (Platner)




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