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Templum Solis ab Aureliano construct.


Templum Solis ab Aureliano construct.

Porticus Templum Solis with wine merchants (Portico del tempio dei Sole coi mercanti di vino. near the Temple of the Sun built by Aurelian.

...the great temple of the Sun, templum Solis Aureliani, built by Aurelian after his return from the east in 273 A.D., and famous for its magnificence. The temple was surrounded with a porticus, in some part of which were stored the vina fiscalia, which had been brought from the Ciconiae. The temple is mentioned in the fourth century as being in campo Agrippae. By some it has been identified with the ruins in the gardens of the palazzo Colonna; by others it is placed in the area bounded by the Corso, the via Claudio, and the via Frattina, all of which correspond to ancient streets. Here have been found peperino walls, granite columns, and architectural remains, and drawings of the sixteenth century represent here a structure which the supporters of this view assert to be a temple. These plans show two adjacent enclosures, one with curved ends, 90.50 meters in length and 42.70 in width, and the other rectangular, 126 meters long and 86.38 wide. Without further discussion it may be said that there is insufficient evidence for the hypothesis that these plans and ruins belong to a temple, and therefore the site of the temple of the Sun must be sought for elsewhere, although near the campus Agrippae. It is possible that the ruins just described may belong to porticoes in the horti Largiani which are said to have been in this region. (Platner)

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