Le Corbusier

Hotels at the Palais des Congrès     Strasbourg


Palais des Congrès   2198
Le Composites   2380

organization of cad data
...redo the 226 x 226 hotel with Venice Hospital type pilotis and demarcate the elevation with 226 x 226 panels a la Maison l'Homme.

2001.09.18 14:45
Re: LC 2 (addendum)
In Oeuvre Complete vol 7, p. 153, in the section on the Palais des Congrès, there is a curious reference to one of the peripheral buildings to the Palais--6. Hotel 226x226 sur pilotis de 5 m. The 226x226 dimension is the same one used when describing the metal "erector set" system of the Maison l'Homme. I've since always wondered if at that point Le Corbusier was considering having the metal system of "boxes" also raised on pilotis.




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