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15030602   Palais des Congrès @ GAUA model adjusted   cad1503a

15030601   Palais des Congrès @ GAUA model   cad1503a

15013009   plan @ GAUA 1100x550   cad1501h

14031001 Strasbourg context, plans   cad1403d
14031002 Le Composites context, plans   cad1403d
14031003 NNTC/Ottopia context, plans   cad1403d
14031004 Q Group context, plans   cad1403d
14031005 Novel Architecturale context, plans   cad1403d

stage set 13091603
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site plan
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model without level 4 interior

model of level 4 interior
stage set 13091603

stage set 13091801
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1991 analysis

level 4 axonometric, perspective

composite elevation drawings

Ichnographia Quondam

comparative scale plans

scale comparison with other Le Corbusier designs
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promenade architecturale
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comparative scale analysis

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composite databases
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stage set with Maison Dom-ino, Composition Three, Bye House

at Logan Circle

within Horti Domitiae
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with House 10: Museum

with St. Pierre enlarged

with Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti
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Hotels at the Palais des Congrès

Form 001

Schizophrenic Folds

House for Otto 9

House for Otto 10

Palais des Exposé

Le Composites

Palais House 10: Museum

Palais des Congrès à Strasbourg
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regarding the Palais des Congrès
Although the buildings possesses a large footprint, it manifests a shallow profile. The building is essentially a large box raised on pilotis, the same motif as the Villa Savoye and the Governor's Palace. The building is greatly enhanced by two monumental ramps--the entrance ramp and an interior/exterior ramp that connects the main with the upper floor and ultimately with the roof garden. The ramps themselves are of the scale of automobile highway on and off ramps. The other large scale elements on the exterior are the service elevator and the large graphics "embossed" on the elevations of the raised box.

Another scale lesson can be gleamed from the layout of the main level. Here Le Corbusier places many spaces/functions within one grand and open loft space, whereby the entire main floor is composed of many smaller elements, thus creating a microcosm of urban-centeredness. Perhaps the main floor of Strasbourg is a manifestation of Le Corbusier's idea of modern microcosm, i.e., free forms dispersed throughout a Cartesian order. (Perhaps I should reread that "Grid" article in Oppositions.)


Maison Dom-ino Legacy


gallery 1999
...a crazy building where a whole set of collaged Villa Savoyes are placed within the Palais des Congrès with level 3 and 4 emptied out except for the columns.

most modern building of the 20th century

maison millenniums
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Looking Back from the End of the Road

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letter to India - the formula

letters from/to India

2006.01.20 12:19
what is the good source to study folding architecture?
I was hoping to see or read about some architecture designs themselves. Yes, I'm aware of the literature being cited here, but none of that is the architecture.

You could very well say that the fold has been part of modern architectural design since Le Corbusier's Palais des Congrès, 1964.

13101002.db     Maison Dom-ino Legacy, plans

1914           Maison Dom-ino
1927           Villa Stein de Monzie
1929           Composition Three
1929           Villa Savoye
1952-60     Monastery of La Tourette
1957           Trenton Jewish Community Center Day Camp
1963-67     Maison l'Homme
1964           Stage Set of the Palais des Congrès
1971           Conference Room of Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes
1972-74     Wall House 2
1999           Maison Millennium 001
1999           Ur-Ottopia House



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