Schinkel, Karl Friedrich

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Unbuilt Chandigarh
Le Corbusier's capital complex at Chandigarh is a modern, though incomplete, realization of the same kind of governing precinct/residence as Schinkel's Residence for a Prince. Both designs strive to use architecture as a vehicle towards higher human aspirations. Like Schinkel's project, the Chandigarh complex was, as planned, to incorporate a numbers of special buildings and monuments. The building that were built include: the High Court, the Legislative Assembly, the Secretariat, and the Monument of the Open Hand. The Monument to the Martyrs is incomplete. The unexecuted parts of the capital include: the Governor's Palace, the Water Courts in front of the Governor's Palace, the Gardens behind the Governor's Palace, the Monument to 24 solar hours, the Tower of Shadows , and the Depth of Consideration.

architectural promenade
A good portion of the architectural promenade formula can also be found in the entry sequence of Schinkel's Altes Museum. The facade/colonnade is the forest, and again the pilotis holding up the box. The dark portal under the stairs is the journey into hell. The ascension of the stairs is the inside/outside experience of purgatory, the middle level. And the museum's central pantheon is paradise, heaven, and the solarium. This interpretation of the Altes Museum, furthermore, sheds new light on Stirling's Düsseldorf and Stuttgart museums.

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The mural formerly on the left wall of the Altes Museum porch.

The mural formerly on the right wall of the Altes Museum porch.



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