15 April

1797 Alfonso Giraldo Vergaz was made director of the Academia de S. Fernando in Madrid

1844 death of Charles Bulfinch
1888 death of Jules Gailhabaud

Vincenzo Fasolo, "The Campo Marzio of G. B. Piranesi".
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"Inside Density"
1999.04.15 15:20     dt99/0370


2003.04.15 06:01     4500 866a 9158 9170k

Floor Plans
2008.04.15 18:10     4761

A Mat/Slab/Blob Genealogy

15 April
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MoMA to raze ex American Folk Art Museum building
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Modern: Every so often someome chances upon the Golden number and its amusing properties. Wonderful. Usually entrances people who are no good at math and who are inclined to astrology, numerology and other quasi-scientific methods of revelation. --Garry Stevens

There's one thing that I still don't understand; what are the logic behind Deconstructivist Architectures? Although I've been trying to understand this movement by reading the books that deal with this subject, I still don't quite get it. If anyone can give me a short definition of Deconstructivism, I would really appreciate it. Furthermore, I'm curious to what architecture students have to say about this new phenomenon. Finally, to practicing architects out there, I'm curious if these ISMS have any bearing on their "real world" designs. --Firman Hadi

It is a mistake to represent Frank Gehry as a central figure in the Deconstructivist movement. Gehry is indisputably one of the best-known architects working today, but he is not (as Mr. Cullen suggests) the Deconstructivist figurehead. That uncertain honor goes to Peter Eisenman.Other architects working within the ideology of Deconstructivism include Bernard Tschumi, Peter Cook, Zaha Hadid, and Daniel Libeskind. In Violated Perfection: Architecture and the Fragmentation of the Modern, Aaron Betsky described Eisenman as ". . . the leader of a large group that wishes to feed the data produced by processes of modernization back into the system, hoping that these representational feedback loops will foreground self-destruction. Other than the fact that such a process leads to the death of architecture, of architects, of selves, the result is not clear." Critical writing on the subject (including Betsky's) is even less clear, but the upshot of the movement is formal manipulation carried out in the name of "textual analysis." The defining character of Deconstructivism is hard to verbalize but easy to show in drawings. Many key projects can be found in the A.D. Monographs What Is Deconstruction?, Deconstruction I, and Deconstruction II. I know of no introductory texts that are written in a language comprehensible by non-Deconstructivists. --Howard Park

I received email today that architectural historian Manfredo [click] Tafuri is dead. --Kazys Varnelis

98041501 ICM Porticus Theodosius plans

2003.04.15 06.01
1.   Atypical
2a. Lacunae
2b. Lapidary
3.   Sagacity
4.   Nimiety
5.   Reenactionary Architecturism

2008.04.15 18:10
Floor Plans

Institute of Indigestion
You R what U eat Department

13041501 New Not There City composite plan (so far)   cad1304b

2013.04.15 21:53
MoMA to raze ex American Folk Art Museum building
multiple choice
Museum of Art Display Failures
Museum of of Provincial Art
Museum of Double Standards
Museum of Reality Show Art
Museum of Public Voices

14041501 House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel, 6 schemes, plans   cad1404b
14041502 Casa Collage 001 scan plan   cad1404b
14041503 Casa Collage 002 scan plan   cad1404b
14041504 Casa Collage 003 scan plan   cad1404b
14041505 Casa Collage 004 scan plan   cad1404b
14041506 Casa Collage 005 scan plan   cad1404b

OMA, National Art Museum of China, 2011.04.04.

Herzog & deMeuron, BBVA Headquarters, 2008.12.17.

Quondam, Working Title Museum 002, 2000.

Le Corbusier, Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti, 1963-64.




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