Annibale Bassano architect,. According to the records, the Loggia del Consiglio in the Piazza dei Signori at Padua was begun in 1493 from the model of Annibale Bassano. It was completed after1523 by one Biagio da Ferrara, of whom nothing more is known.

Richard Bere
abbot and architect; d. January 20, 1524.
Bere was installed as Abbot of Glastonbury, Somerset, England, in 1493. He built King Edgar's chapel at the eastern end of the church of that abbey, which was finished by Abbot Whiting. Bere strengthened with arches both sides of the east end of the abbey, which was beginning to "cast out." In 1503 he was sent on an embassy to Rome, and on his return built a chapel to Our Lady of Loretto on the north side of the abbey church. He built also the Chapel of the Sepulchre in the south aisle, in which he was buried. His initials and cognizance, a cross between two beer mugs, may be seen in S. Benedict's church in Glastonbury.

Jean Perréal (Jehan de Paris)
b. 1463 ; d. about 1529.
As early as 1486 he resided at Lyons, France. March 25, 1493, he commenced the church of the Cordeliers in that city, and in the same year was charged with the restoration of the arches of the Pont du Rhône at Lyons. In 1494 he accompanied the expedition of Charles VIII into Italy. In 1499 he was contrôleur général des bâtiments of the city of Lyons. For Anne, queen of Louis XII, he designed the monument of François II, Duke of Brittany, for the cathedral of Nantes, which was executed by Michel Colombe, 1502-1556. In 1505 he was commissioned by Marguerite d'Autriche to make the plans of the monastery and church of Brou at Bourg-en-Bresse (Eure-et-Loire), and in 1510 was made contrôleur of the works. In 1513 he was replaced at Brou by the Flemish architect, Van Boghem.

Cristoforo Solari (il Gobbo)
sculptor and architect, b. c. 1468-70; d. May, 1527
An architect of the school of Bramante in Milan. His most important building is the church of S. Maria della Passione (Milan). He is supposed to have worked on the façade of the Certosa at Pavia and the tombs of the Visconti and Sforza in that monastery. In 1495 he entered the service of Lodovico Sforza (il Moro), Duke of Milan, and made the monument to his duchess, Beatrice d'Este, which was originally placed in the church of S. Maria delle Grazie (Milan). He was employed upon the sculpture of the cathedral of Milan until 1519, when he was appointed supervising architect of the cathedral. Solari was probably related to Pietro Lombardo.




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