In the same year, 1971, Manfredo Tafuri presented the first in a series of even more idiosyncratic studies of the Carceri, seen as a "negative utopia." He is still pursuing this theme, not greatly regarded by scholars, though greatly admired by architects of intellectual pretension. Another field of investigation that has now become something of a cult is the analysis of masonic themes in Piranesi's work.
Robin Middleton, 1982.

Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keyes   2216

Cemetery of San Cataldo   2217

Mitchell/Giurgola Architects, United Way Headquarters Building (Philadelphia, PA: 1971), images: 2003.09.10.

Vittorio De Feo, Fabrizio Aggarbati, Carla Saggioro, Andrea Vigni, Competition Project for a new Service Station (1971).   4137

Venturi and Rauch, Office Building (California City, 1971).

Charles W. Moore, Fantasy with Fish (1971).

Koolhaas, Zenghalis, Exodus, or the Voluntary Prisoners of Architecture (1971)   5800

Edward Larrabee Barnes, Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, MN: 1968-71).

Walter Maria Forderer, Saint-Nicholas (Heremence, Switzerland: 1962-71).

Kiyonori Kikutake, Floating City Project (Hawaii, 1971).



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