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Aldo Rossi and the Axis of Death
...begin with a reference to Rossi's own death in September '97 and to the 'Death and the Triumphal Way' dedication... The main point of the text will be to demonstrate the effect of the Bustum Hadriani on Rossi's Modena Cemetery design. ...to reveal the direct influence of Piranesi on Rossi in general, and the influence of the Ichnographia... ...specifically to finding him on the Axis of Death. ...ties directly to the coincidence of reading the Plattus article just before Diana's funeral, and the coincidence of working on the Campo Marzio extents pages on the night my father died. Rossi, through his own accidental death, is now part of the whole September '97 "extraordinary-ness".
It is interesting, however, that Piranesi and the Ichnographia are never mentioned in The Architecture of the City or The Scientific Autobiography even though the autobiography is all about personal inspirations.
In reading the article in Oppositions 5, there are some descriptions of Rossi's notions of the city that also describe the Ichnographia.

connection between Rossi and Piranesi
...the St. Peter's - Area Martis overlay is just the same as the Modena Cemetery - Bustum Hadriani overlay.

2005.05.06 17:24
Koolhaas versus the Actor
There are many historical examples were architecture references itself... Just as Rossi reenacted the Bustum Hadriani with the Modena Cemetery, but it doesn't look like he ever told Tafuri about it. Yes, Rossi was silent, as are most architects when it comes to telling others where their real 'originality' comes from.

2008.05.29 09:27
Can you say canonical?
Moretti: Casa del Girasole (Eisenman)
Mies: Seagrams (Eisenman)
Le Corbusier: Palais des Congrès (me)
Le Corbusier: Olivetti Center Milan (me)
Kahn: Dominican Sisters Convent (me)
Venturi & Rauch: Franklin Court (me)
Stirling: Leicester Engineering (Eisenman, "Real and English")
Stirling: Nordrhein Westfalen Museum (me)
Stirling: Wallraf-Richartz Museum (me)
Rossi: Modena Cemetery (Eisenman)
Koolhaas: Patent Office (me)
Libeskind: who cares (me)
Gehry: Wagner Residence and other residences of that era (me, just to be a bit obscure)

2008.06.25 14:23
Can you say canonical?
"Eisenman's Canon..."
Luigi Moretti, Casa "Il Girasole," 1947-50
Lugwig Mies van der Rohe, Farnsworth House, 1946-51
Le Corbusier, Palais des Congrès-Strasbourg, 1962-64
Louis I. Kahn, Adler & DeVore Houses, 1954-55
Robert Venturi, Vanna Venturi House, 1959-64
James Stirling, Leicester Engineering Building, 1959-63
Aldo Rossi, Cemetery of San Cataldo, 1971-78
Rem Koolhaas, Jussieu Libraries, 1992-93
Daniel Libeskind, Jewish Museum, 1989-1999
Frank O. Gehry, Peter B. Lewis Building, 1997-2002




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