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Mario Gandelsonas: Neo-Functionalism
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Aldo Rossi: The Blue of the Sky
Manfredo Tafuri: American Graffiti: Five x Five = Twenty-five
Anthony Vidler: The Architecture of the Lodges: Ritual Form and Associational Life in the Late Enlightenment
Denise Scott Brown: On Architectural Formalism and Social Concern: A Discourse for Social Planners and Radical Chic Architects

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Peter Eisenman: Post-Functionalism
Colin Rowe: Robert Venturi and the Yale Mathematics Building
Charles Moore: Conclusion
Vincent Scully: The Yale Mathematics Building: Some Remarks on Siting
Kenneth Frampton: Constructivism: The Pursuit of an Elusive Sensibility
Diana Agrest: Design versus Non-Design
William S. Huff: Symmetry: An Appreciation of its Presence in Man's Consciousness
Gruppo Sette: Architecture, Architecture: The Foreigners

Housing for La Villette   2229

Bertrand Goldberg Associates, Health Science Center (Stony Brook, NY: 1968-76).

Mitchell/Giurgola Architects, Liberty Bell Pavilion (Philadelphia, Independence National Park, 1976), images: 2003.04.20.

O.M. Ungers, Hotel Berlin (Berlin, 1976).

Fritz Wotruba, Church of the Holy Trinity (St. Georgenberg, Austria: 1965-76).

Denys Lasdun & Partners, National Theatre (South Bank, London, England: 1967-76).



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