21 April

1163 concecration of S. Germain des Prés, Paris

1555 birth of Ludovico Caracci

1847 birth of Friedrich von Gärtner

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me @ SAH
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your book
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21 April - Rome's birthday
1999.04.21 18:33     82/0249

21 April 1999 (Rome's birthday)
1999.04.21 18:33     0249 e2540 e2660a e2749c e2823 e2893 e2997 e3043 5399 8210

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branding and architecture
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Featured Discussion: Volume
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...and speaking of random tangents
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A tour of OMA's Pierre Lassonde Pavilion
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Rica Studio   Periscope House   Torrelodones

OMA   Nobel Center Competition Proposal   Stockholm

1999.04.21 18:33
21 April - Rome's birthday
21 April is the traditional birthday of Rome...

030421a 5233 Arbor Street Curatorium model   2166i11
030421b Wacko House 001 Curatorium model
030421c Curatorium perspectives   2166i12 2166i13 2166i14 2166i15 2166i16 2166i17

040421a House for K.F. Schinkel House 10: Museum Wacko House 000 plans   2197i04

2007.04.21 13:22
Featured Discussion: Volume
Look up magazine in a good dictionary.
1 a : a place where goods or supplies are stored
2 a : a place to store ammunition
Bouman states Volume's position well.
But the whole "kind of de-territorialized" stance is weak, tepid at best.
As an architect, with no practice, a dormant license, no ties to any institution, no real contact with other architects and very little real contact with other people, yet, via the internet, still operating within the architectural realm and even having some effect (big effect even if the full range from negative to positive is considered), I know all about de-territorialization because, as an architect, de-territory is the only place I am. [An interesting twist in this particular discussion (place) is that Mark Wigley is the only person here that has actually met me, and thus he knows just how de-territorialized I actually am.]
Oddly, de-territorialization is what provided me with an architectural comfort zone.
[note to self: how does bilocaton relate to de-territorialization? Is bilocation like a hyper inverted de-territorialization??]

08042101 mirror copy plans   2392i71
08042102 mirror copy plans   2392i72
08042103 mirror copy plans   2392i73

13042101 Haus der Kunst plans model within NNTC

14042101 Institute of Contemporary Art site plan 22002 in situ   224ai01
14042102 Institute of Contemporary Art plan, orthagonal 8002 context   224ai02
14042103 Clay Workers Co-op, plan orthagonal 8002 context   2243i08
14042104 Cooper & Pratt House site plan 22002 context   2246i05

18042101 Flick House I site plan plan section   2333i01

18042101   Rica Studio   Periscope House   Torrelodones
18042102   OMA Beyond 1210   Nobel Center Competition Proposal   Stockholm

19042101   IQQ19 model work   2468i69




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