20 October

1632 birth of Sir Christopher Wren

1794 death of James Adam

1871 death of Joseph Kranner
1888 death of John Pennethorne
1890 death of A. B. Mullett

1916 groundbreaking at Whitemarsh Hall

Lynnewood Hall     1900   3998k
Beth Sholom Synagogue     1959   3998k

1999.10.20     3777 5999h

evolution in architecture
2000.10.20 09:32     3200d 3716e 3747

Christopher Columbus Monument     1992
Franklin Court     1976a
Welcome Park     1983
New Jersey State Aquarium Entrance Building and Camden Children's Garden     2000a
Delaware River Port Authority Headquarters     1996

Re: Beauty parlor
2001.10.20 13:44     3786d

went traveling to hyper-reality
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Re: Automotive Feedback
2002.10.20 09:44     3749e 3770g

Re: A Roundtable

Re: Pop Life: Los Super Elegantes
2004.10.20 23:55     3739e

Tripartite cantilevering Cloverfield of a stair: "Live Wire" by Oyler Wu Collaborative
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AinCC, continued
2008.10.20     3784j 3899g 4710b 5134

Really, what boundaries have you pushed?
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2009.10.20 23:28     3332b 3708
2009.10.20 23:38     3332b
2009.10.20 23:55     3332b 3708

dear old people...
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2009.10.20 23:50     3332b

Cutting across the Chicago Architecture Biennial: the Myth-Making of New-Territories
2015.10.20 10:10     3313
2015.10.20 14:05     3313

Tom Wiscombe redesigns the L.A. billboard (and is chosen over Zaha Hadid's proposal)
2016.10.20 19:54     3314s

Mecanoo   National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts   Kaohsiung

2001.10.20 13:44
Re: Beauty parlor
Beauty (parlor) is in the eye of the beholder.
There is a boot-leg beauty parlor just two doors down from me. From what I can gather this is the beauty parlor of choice for Northeast Philadelphia's turn-of-the-millennium Portuguese immigrant population. (Between the mid 1980s and the mid 1990s there were over a dozen Portuguese families living on my block, and now they've almost all moved on.) When the proprietress and her family first moved here in 1992, I noticed lots of work was being done in their basement, but I only guessed they were making some kind of den or family room down there. About a year later I was eating lunch in my kitchen, and I heard someone walk in my back door downstairs. I got up to look down the steps, and there was this older [Portuguese] woman very surprised to see me. Then she simply asked, "Fixa da hair?" That's when it was all revealed to me, so I escorted the woman down to my second neighbor's back door, and said, "Here, fixa da hair."

2001.10.20 15:47
went traveling to hyper-reality
Earlier today I took lots of pictures of architecture in and near Philadelphia by Venturi Scott Brown & Associates. VSBA's latest (1996-2000) local project is actually in Camden, New Jersey, the Camden Children's Garden, which is also the entrance to the New Jersey State Aquarium. The best shot I took there was from the top floor of the parking structure across from the entrance--the Aquarium Entrance and Children's Garden and Philadelphia's downtown skyline across the Delaware River.
Yesterday I went to the Philadelphia Zoo, specifically to take pictures of the 'Treehouse' which is also a VSBA project from 1980-84. This is a children's play (like animals) environment fitted within the old antelope house, an original zoo building by George Wattson Hewitt, 1876.


2002.10.20 09:44
Re: Automotive Feedback
In terms of architecture training, it would be interesting to categorize which courses teach what amounts to design and which classes teach what amounts to over-design.

14102001   Gooding Trice Villa elevations raw model   2378i03
14102002   Nolli sector 4 attached to IQ07 frame St. Peter's colonnade wallraf-Richartz Museum plans preliminary base data   2091i07
14102003   Stirling Roma Interrotta plans images attached   2216i10

18102001   Mecanoo   National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts   Kaohsiung

19102001 Yale Art Gallery Museum of Knowledge Neue Nationalgalerie Maison de l'Homme House 10: Museum Un Pavillon d'Exposition Kimbell Art Museum Museum of Hamar Gunma Perfectual Museum of Modern Art Pompidou Centre Monchengladbach Museum museum collecting plans elevations sections   217vi04
19102002 iq19 Center City Philadelphia model work   2093i105

20102001   iqq14 plan work   2468i105




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