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Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates, Roy and Diana Vagelos Laboratories (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia: 1990-97), images: 2001.10.21.

Jean Nouvel, Virtual House (ANY Competition: 1997).

Peter Eisenman, Virtual House (ANY Competition: 1997).

Daniel Libeskind, Virtual House (ANY Competition: 1997).

Triumphal Way 1997.09.06
Funeral of Princess Diana

It is now long forgotten knowledge that the primogenitor of Western civilization's imperial urbanism was the triumphal procession of Romulus after the victory subsequent to the rape of the Sabines.

"Previous notice having been given of the day on which the pageant of victory would take place, not a soul among the countless host in the city was left at home: all issued forth and occupied every position where it was but possible to stand, leaving only room for the necessary passage of those upon whom they were to gaze."
Josephus, The Jewish War in what is probably an eyewitness account of the 70 A.D. triumphs of Vespesian and Titus after their victories in Judea.

"At the break of dawn, Vespasian and Titus issued forth, crowned with laurel and clad in the traditional purple robes, and proceeded to the Octavian walks, for here the Senate and the chief magistrates and those of the equestrian rank were awaiting their coming."

"Here the princes first partook of refreshment, and then, having donned their triumphal robes and sacrificed to the gods whose statues stood beside the gate, they sent the pageant on its way....

"But nothing in the procession excited so much astonisment as the structure of the moving stages....

"On each of the stages was stationed the general of one of the captured cities in the attitude in which he was taken."

"The triumphal procession ended at the temple of Jupitur Capitolinus...



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