21 October

1533 birth of Thibaut Métezeau

1801 birth of Alexandre Albert Lenoir
1828 birth of Richard Morris Hunt
1830 birth of Georg von Dollmann

University of Pennsylvania Library     1890
Rudi Gernreich: Fashion Will Go Out of Fashion Installation     2001a
Institute of Science Information     1979a
Perelman Quadrangle     2000
Williams Hall Alteration     2000
Roy and Diana Vagelos Laboratories     1997

Re: human apparent asymmetry
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Re: hitleresque
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Re: symmetry
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Interesting ADA / Universal Design / Accessibility solutions
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PhD advice
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Really, what boundaries have you pushed?
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OMA   Stadskantoor Building   Rotterdam

OMA   Halle Commune – Pleyel Bridge   Paris


2003.10.21 13:06
Re: human apparent asymmetry
What's interesting about the double organs of the kidneys and the lungs is that both organs carry out a lot of osmosis, thus it might just be that the design of these organs reflect the balancing operation that they largely perform.
osmosis : diffusion of fluid through a semipermeable membrane from a solution with a low solute concentration to a solution with a higher solute concentration until there is an equal concentration of fluid on both sides of the membrane

2003.10.21 14:03
Re: symmetry
The "height of Venturi's influence" may not actually represent the highest degree of Venturi's intent. Rather than promoting "Post-Modernism", the chapter titles of Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture indicate what Venturi was really promoting:
1. Nonstraightforward Architecture: A Gentle Manifesto
2. Complexity and Contradiction vs. Simplicity or Picturesqueness
3. Ambiguity
4. Contradictory Levels: The Phenomenon of "Both-And" in Architecture
5. Contradictory Levels Continued: The Double-Functioning Element
6. Accommodation and the Limitations of Order: The Conventional Element
7. Contradiction Adapted
8. Contradiction Juxtaposed
9. The Inside and the Outside
10. The Obligation Toward the Difficult Whole
The design works of Venturi with his various partnerships almost always manifest the towardness of difficult wholes.

051021a portion of the Ichnographia Campus Martius   2350i18

14102101 Leicester Engineering Building plans sections elevations   2181i01
14102102 Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes in IQ07 plans   2216i09
14102103 Wallraf-Richartz Museum in IQ08 plans   2227i15   b
14102104 Leicester Engineering Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Dresdner Bank in IQ10 plans  2181i02
14102105 Museum of Architecture moved to Arch of Constantine within Pantheon Paradigm site plan  2069i09
14102106 Lauf/Stirling architecture plans IQ Novel Architecturale contexts   2216i11

14102101   OMA   Stadskantoor Building   Rotterdam

16102101 International Planning Competition for Berlin plan image attached   217ii02

16102101   OMA   Halle Commune – Pleyel Bridge   Paris

20102101   iqq14 plan work   2468i106
20102102   iqq14 Philharmonie Neue Nationalgalerie Victims plans contemporary Berlin plan image working data   2468i107
20102103   iqq14 Berlin 1958 Philharmonie Neue Nationalgalerie Victims plans   2468i108
20102104   Philharmonie plans section   218gi01

22102101 ancient circuses Circus Agonalis sive Alexandri 1st state work icm tabVII plans image   206qi05




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