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Muoto Architects   Low-cost Flexible University Building   Paris

Bernat Ivars   Una muy pequeña ucronía

MVRDV   Magasin 113   Gothenburg

Triumphal Way 1997.09.06

It is now long forgotten knowledge that the primogenitor of Western civilization's imperial urbanism was the triumphal procession of Romulus after the victory subsequent to the Rape of the Sabine Women.

"Previous notice having been given of the day on which the pageant of victory would take place, not a soul among the countless host in the city was left at home: all issued forth and occupied every position where it was but possible to stand, leaving only room for the necessary passage of those upon whom they were to gaze."
Josephus, The Jewish War in what is probably an eyewitness account of the 70 A.D. triumphs of Vespesian and Titus after their victories in Judea.

"At the break of dawn, Vespasian and Titus issued forth, crowned with laurel and clad in the traditional purple robes, and proceeded to the Octavian walks, for here the Senate and the chief magistrates and those of the equestrian rank were awaiting their coming."

"Here the princes first partook of refreshment, and then, having donned their triumphal robes and sacrificed to the gods whose statues stood beside the gate, they sent the pageant on its way....

"But nothing in the procession excited so much astonisment as the structure of the moving stages....

"On each of the stages was stationed the general of one of the captured cities in the attitude in which he was taken."

"The triumphal procession ended at the temple of Jupitur Capitolinus...

08090601 IQ04 Philadelphia street grid   2392i74
08090602 Cut & Paste Museum plan development   2386i02   b
08090603 Cut & Paste Museum plan development in context   2386i03
08090604 IQ04 Campo Marzio development   2392i75


14090601 Ludi Museum plan 4400x2200 NNTC/Ottopia context   2329i03
14090602 Ludi Museum plan 22002 NNTC/Ottopia context   2329i04

2014.09.06 18:26
Interview: September 2, 2013, 12:00 pm
Chris, I started working with CAD in 1983, two years after I graduated and still at my first job. Cooper & Pratt Architects decided to invest in INTERGRAPH and I was lucky enough to be chosen as one the staff to be trained. Because of that I turned out to be one of only two architects to know how to draw via CAD in Philadelphia at the time. INTERGRAPH software was fully integrated 2D and 3D, and I taught myself 3D via the 3D manual that came with the system--we were not using 3D in the office at the time. Within a year the Graduate School of Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania was about to invest in INTERGRAPH (largely because Ian McHarg wanted its mapping capabilities) and I wound up training the GSFA staff that was to operate the GSFA system. The GSFA acquired a contract with the Philadelphia City Planning Commission to 'construct' a 3d computer model of Center City Philadelphia, and since I was the only architect in Philadelphia to know 3D and through my connections with the CAD staff at the GSFA I was offered the job at Penn to generate the model, and I did that in 1985. In 1987, I personally invested in ArrisCAD because it was the only 2D and 3D CAD fully operational on a PC at the time. During this time AutoCAD started to enter into architecture offices (largely because AutoCAD was already being used by engineering and mechanical consultants--that's how AutoCAD got their foothold of the architecture market). AutoCAD did not offer any 3D capability until circa 1988 or 1989.
I want to address the issue of using 3D CAD to design, and in simple terms (for me at least) I most want to be facile at 3D to produce digital data that looks (and works within the design process) like this »»»»

I guess the only real answer to getting facile like that is practice, practice, practice.

14090601   Muoto Architects   Low-cost Flexible University Building   Paris

16090601   Bernat Ivars   Una muy pequeña ucronía

17090601   MVRDV   Magasin 113   Gothenburg

18090601   Kunsthal plan section elevation work image   3392xi03   b

19090601 Weiss House Yale Art Gallery DeVore House City Tower Richards Medical Building Goldenberg House Vanna Venturi House Salk Institute for Biological Studies Fisher House Acadia NPHQ Building Parliament Building West Pakistan Dominican Motherhouse otSoSCdR elevations sections   216hi05
19090602 Salk Institute for Biological Studies plans section   218ei02
19090603 Philip Exeter Library plan elevation   220ei02

20090601   Maze House working data model work facade/maze opaque images   229li06
20090602   Philadelphia Schuylkill River iq01 to iq14 image street map   2093i119

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