Ideal City Reenactment    


St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert   2189
Hurva Synagogue   2209
Museum for Nordrhein-Westfalen   2226
Museum of Arts and Crafts   2244
New Not There City     3750b

Perspective(s) of a New Ideal City (/museum)
The Ideal City perspectives from the School of Piero della Francesca inspires the creation of a new "ideal city." The concept of creating a virtual place and displaying the setting with perspective has remained, however, the buildings within the setting represent an architecture designed almost exactly 500 years after Piero. Furthermore, the new setting is doubly virtual, not only is the grouping imaginary, but the buildings themselves are significant architectural designs never built.
It is primarily the technology of computer aided design (CAD) that has made this updating of Piero della Francesca's "ideal city" with late 20th century architecture possible: first by facilitating the creation of 3-dimensional computer models of the unbuilt designs, and then by affording the opportunity to group the model data into a single setting. CAD's ultimate contribution, however, comes with the new capability of generating multiple (infinite, really) perspectival views of the building group, essentially allowing the viewer to "walk" or even "fly" through the new setting, which rather than being an "ideal city" is now closer to being a small virtual museum of late-modern architecture.
seeking precedents... ...finding inspiration

update of first exhibit
For the Collage City Inspiration, take the new Ideal City database and collage the models and perhaps even copy and rotate (and perhaps even scale) some of the models.

Drawing Exhibit @ Quondam
Philadelphia model perspectives
"Ideal City"
Ichnographia aerial perspectives




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