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Palace of Knowledge   2339

scale and architecture
...the modulation of sunlight into a building provides a scale for the building. More concerning brise-soleil will be addressed with the Museum of Knowledge and the Governor's Palace (and perhaps the West Pakistan capital complex).

scale and architecture
...the porch brise-soleil [of the Governor's Palace] can be compared to the entire elevation of the Museum of Knowledge, where the entire building becomes a brise-soleil.

scale and architecture
...a comparison of the different museum plans: Altes Museum, Museum of Knowledge, Museum of Arts & Crafts, Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen, Wallraf-Richartz Museum...

regarding the Museum of Knowledge
The Museum of Knowledge addresses the issue of brise-soliel as scale maker for a building, and can thus be compared to the Tower of Shadows and the Frankfurt Museum. The plan of the building is perhaps deceptive in its simplicity, meaning it is a larger space than it seems to be and it would be worthwhile to compare the plan with other plans, starting with the Media plan and the Altes Museum and the Frankfurt plan.
The actual size and scale of the building is surely an outgrowth of its position in the Chandigarh complex then it is a product of programmatic requirements. The program itself, a Museum of Knowledge, is ambiguous to begin with, and gives no hint at all as to the size that such a building should be.
...also consider the notion of brise-soliel as building, like a filled out Tower of Shadows.

Exhibit Inspiration
...keep the Dominican Motherhouse footprint but use buildings of a similar size and program, e.g., St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert for the church/chapel, Houses Under a Common Roof for the dormitories; Museum of Knowledge or Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen pavilion for the administration tower; also check out scale comparison of Hurva Synagogue, Villa Savoye, Altes Museum, Gooding House.

building presentation
...turn the Museum of Knowledge into a Museum of Architectural Knowledge by putting all kinds of images on its walls and models in its spaces.

Museum Collecting
On the virtual side: Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen, Wallraf-Richartz Museum, House 10/Museum, Museum of Knowledge, Museum of Arts & Crafts (2), Altes Museum, Museum of Architecture, Institute of Contemporary Art, Museum Annex, Working Title Museum(s), Acropolis Q, Haus der Kunst.

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Le Corbusier, Museum of Knowledge
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