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changing x, y, and z scales
...the computer capability of changing x, y, and z scales independently of each other. This will purely be a series of examples to show a capability that designers never had before and perhaps there really is no reason for designers to ever use the capability, but I think the results, especially using 3-D models, will demonstrate something about scale. I just realized that what will actually be changing will be the buildings proportions. That suggests an even deeper analysis. In any case, I am going to start with St. Pierre and Dominican Motherhouse, and Hurva Synagogue, and maybe even West Pakistan Parliament and UNEP.

scale and architecture
...brise-soliel... ...perhaps the Parliament Building of West Pakistan.

scale and architecture
...the Governor's Palace and the Parliament of Islamabad. Both buildings are high on the governmental scale and thus employ a monumental scale. Both buildings reach a formidable height (between 130' and 180') and both manifest a strong profile. Both buildings are examples of modern symbolic governmental buildings.

regarding the Parliament Building for Islamabad
The Parliament Building for Islamabad recalls the Pantheon and the dome of the U.S. Capitol, and it will be worthwhile to compare these buildings in elevation. The main issue of scale, however, stems from the very large geometric openings of the building. Their size is unlike the size of openings in most other buildings, yet strongly reminiscent of the large baths and basilicas of ancient Rome, and the sections of Gothic cathedrals. The building also recalls Boullée, particularly the entrance cut outs of his later funerary projects.

scale and architecture
Another comparison with the large windows [at Capital Park West] is with the Parliament Building of West Pakistan, ...generate perspectives with the Parliament Building of West Pakistan within the office park.

participatory Parkway Interpolation
...virtual exhibit of Kahn's West Pakistan Assembly Building over Logan Circle...

gallery 1999
Parliament Building of West Pakistan and St. Pierre Firminy-Vert and a multi-stacked Maison Dom-ino all on a contoured base or coming out of a contoured wall(s).

... Parliament Building of West Pakistan in comparison with Princeton Memorial Park tower.

Finding the New Testement Buried in Snow   2002a

2011.02.02 10:38
UAE Parliament to Ehrlich Architects
I wonder if Louis Kahn's design for the Parliament for West Pakistan, 1965, provided any inspiration for the Ehrlich Architect's design.



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