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13092201.db   Pantheon within Ichnographia Quondam Philadelphia street grid and building footprints plans

13092202.db   Pantheon within Ichnographia Quondam Infringement Complex plans

architectural promenade
...the oldest example of the promenade architecturale [formula] I have found thus far is the Pantheon in Rome itself. It is a very compacted version of the forest, hell, purgatory (inside/outside), and paradise.
A good portion of the architectural promenade formula can also be found in the entry sequence of Schinkel's Altes Museum. The facade/colonnade is the forest, and again the pilotis holding up the box. The dark portal under the stairs is the journey into hell. The ascension of the stairs is the inside/outside experience of purgatory, the middle level. And the museum's central pantheon is paradise, heaven, and the solarium. This interpretation of the Altes Museum, furthermore, sheds new light on Stirling's Düsseldorf and Stuttgart museums.

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13091002.db   Pantheon with the other plans of novel architecturale at the same scale

2013.09.23 22:06
Is the Pantheon always a spectacular experience?
And it's formidable size: over 140' tall, you can fit a 10 story building inside it; the oculus is 30' across, a school bus could fit through it.
I haven't been there in 36 years, but I still remember it. Went there to sketch a couple of times, and just missed being in there during a rain storm (I really wanted to experience that). Since this past Friday I've been coordinating and generating lots of CAD data relative to the Pantheon, and just today I compiled a whole string of buildings (within Quondam's collection) that related to the Pantheon, and its quite interesting to see how the Pantheon paradigm has been interpreted/reenacted over the last sixty years.

13092301.db   Pantheon Paradigm plans at the same scale

        124     Pantheon
1824-30     Altes Museum
1951-56     Palace of Assembly
      1957     Trenton Jewish Community Center Day Camp
1963-64     Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti at Rho-Milan
1963-08     St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert
      1965     Acadia National Park Headquarters Building
      1965     Parliament Building of West Pakistan
      1968     Hurva Synagogue
      1975     Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen
1977-84     Neue Staatsgalerie
      1980     Museum of Architecture
      1992     Museum Annex
      1993     Analogous Building
      1999     Haus der Kunst
      2007     Cut & Paste Museum




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