20 March

dies sanguinis

328(?) dedication of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme

1741 birth of George Dance (II)
1741 birth of Jean Antoine Houdon

1808 birth of Antoine Étex
1896 death of Émile Boeswillwald

City Hall Centennial
1988.03.20     1988

seeking precedents... ...finding inspiration
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Exhibit 1 notes and final texts
1997.03.20     e2522 e2566 e2567 e2589 e2767 e2965 e3037 e3044 e3064 e3078 3745p 5397

Precedent XII
1997.03.20     e2749 e2759 e3009 e3102 3321 4696b 5900

Life Death Triumphal Way - the beginning of my Campo Marzio story
1998.03.20     5398d

CM bibliography; process reenactment
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"Calendrical Coincidence Day"

20 March 1966
2005.03.20 11:00     3739e

INHP/Liberty Bell Pavilion

visited Kahn's grave today
2011.03.20 09:51     3331r

17 March
2014.03.20 17:24     4004s
2014.03.20 19:48     4004s

It rocked Eisenman on his chair...
2015.03.20 15:04     3816j

Fashion Whores Reenacting Real Originals
2015.03.20 20:13     3816j

Duplitecture and the Downfall of Rep. Aaron Schock
2015.03.20 20:36     3310k 3742 374ad
2015.03.20 20:49     3310k

"Kant is a moron" graffitied on the philosopher's home
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Re: Thread
2015.03.20 21:30     3816j

Davide Tommaso Ferrando/SE Theoretical Discourse
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Bureau Spectacular   The Pool House   Los Angeles

BIG   International Energy Mansion   Shenzhen

08032001 Ichnographia Ink Blot plans   2396i02

09032001 Eiffel Tower model Palace of Versailles plan   2092i02
09032002 IQ plan; Eiffel Tower model   2092i03

13032001 New Not There City site plan development   2413i01

16032001 Courthouse Plus Ultra plan model site plan 4400x2200 Campo Rovine IQ60   2399i10
16032002 Ichnographia Ink Blot plan site plan 4400x2200 ICM IQ19/20   2396i04

17032001   Bureau Spectacular   The Pool House   Los Angeles

18032001   BIG   International Energy Mansion   Shenzhen


So Koolhass is a recreational traditional architect?

2014.03.20 17:24
17 March
Perhaps it's more actually an echo of something Kahn did 53 years ago.

2014.03.20 19:48
17 March
Koolhaas was 17 years old and in the Netherlands when the picture was taken at Kahn's office in Philadelphia. The picture was then featured within Scully's book, Louis I. Kahn (1961). Marshall Meyers took the picture. (Meyers was in charge of completing the Yale Center for British Art after Kahn's death; I met Meyers briefly one evening, Fall 1981, in Yale's A&A building, and again the next morning in the Center for British Art. That's also the second and last time I saw 'Teeny', the mosquito embedded within one of the large window panes of the fourth floor corner-toward-the-Green gallery. The co-worker I showed Teeny to was astounded that I actually knew that tiny remnant of an insect was indeed there.
My guess is that Koolhaas/OMA came to Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius via Tafuri, who, in any case, came to the Ichnographia within contemporary architecture via Scully/Kahn.
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