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scale and architecture
...Hurva Synagogue, the Tower of Shadows, and the Museum of Arts & Crafts... ...compared to each other with respect to sun breakers (brise-soliel). The issue of sun breaker stemming from Hurva Synagogue is more akin to the Altes Museum (with its large inside/outside porch).
The general issue remains, however, and that is how the modulation of sunlight into a building provides a scale for the building.

scale and architecture
The large scale brise-soleil of the Governor's Palace porch can also be compared to the smaller brise-soleil of the Tower of Shadows and the Museum of Arts and Crafts, and finally the porch brise-soleil can be compared to the entire elevation of the Museum of Knowledge, where the entire building becomes a brise-soleil.

scale and architecture
...a comparison of the different museum plans would make a nice documentation.

regarding the Museum of Arts and Crafts
Frankfurt brings up a series of scale issues all by itself. First there is the relating of a new building to an existing building, and, thereby perhaps, respecting the "scale" of the existing building. VRSB expanded the new building by conceptually extruding it in one of its four direction. Essentially, VRSB attempted to turn a square cubic building into a long narrow rectilinear building.
Another scale issue is how the rear of the new wing deceptively becomes larger the further the elevation gets from the existing building. This is done both in plan and in 3-D elevational modulation.
Finally, there is the classical porch articulation at the corner of the new wing. The most obvious scale issue is that the "grand entrance" has been brought down to the ground level. Here the obvious comparison is with the Villa Rotunda and the Altes Museum, and the elevational comparison will be made with both the older buildings on their respective plinths and then without their respective plinths. The point could also be made that VRSB employ both a hierarchical and a democratic manifestation of their porch articulation.

regarding the Museum of Knowledge

Annexation: play with the VSBA and Meier Frankfurt museum models and begin to "annex" them.

Museum Collecting
On the virtual side: Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen, Wallraf-Richartz Museum, House 10/Museum, Museum of Knowledge, Museum of Arts & Crafts (2), Museum of Architecture, Institute of Contemporary Art, Museum Annex, Working Title Museum(s), Acropolis Q, Haus der Kunst.

2008.12.31 09:38
pragmatists turning political?
The concluding 'Architecture' section of Aureli's "Toward the Archipelago" begins with:
"Let's immediately state that today's iconic building--the building that affirms its own singular presence through the appearance of its image, and that today constitutes one of the primary expressions of architectural culture at the scale of the city--cannot be a valid part of the city. Putting aside moral problems, issues of taste, and the gratuitous character of their forms, the iconic building cannot be considered an exemplary part of the city because its economic principle is to be unique and nonrepeatable."
This may well be what spurred Zaera-Polo's "The Politics of the Envelope".
[What works for me is...] Mixing Aureli's "The political ... indicates the possibility of conflict and as such calls for its resolution" and Zaera-Polo's "For architecture ... to convey that tendencies in the articulation of the building envelope capture the new political affects, to communicate that certain manipulations of the ground and the roof indicate the politicization of nature, or to explain the breakdown of the correlation between interior and exterior and private and public, are legitimate political performances."
Are ZP's categories of the envelope an attempt at repeatable icons?
brise-soleil: the politics of sun breaking
--Le Corbusier
--Kahn at Philadelphia Psychiatric
--Venturi at Frankfurt Arts & Crafts
houses under a common/detached roof
-- Plecnik
-- Le Corbusier
-- Krier at La Villette
osmotic architecture
-- Pantheon
--Versailles Hall of Mirrors
-- Altes Museum
-- Kimbell Art Museum
hyper envelopes of UN Studio
--Arnheim Central
--Architecture Faculty Venice
--Music Faculty Graz



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