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not playing "tricky precedent," just jpg du jour

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2007.11.28 16:22
practical Delanda

Chemical Light This light fixture aims to provide levitating liquid light through chemical means. Inspired by the natural production of light made by bioluminescent creatures like fireflies and a fascination with the magic of such chemical processes, the Chemical Light proposes a long lasting, environmentally sustainable light source; eliminating the need for unsightly wiring, electricity and the polluting byproducts that accompany conventional electricity production. Despite present day technological limitations we have created a series of new and unusual light fixtures that give the illusion of chemical light but are made of common lighting equipment that conform to current industry standards and production methods. Chemical Light features a selection of three different designs including The Argon (Ar)Chandelier, the Radon (Rn): Sconce and the Krypton (Kr): Wall of Light. Other exciting options are soon to follow.
"Perhaps reenactments then are always a play with degrees of separation, sometimes seeing how close one can get to the 'original' and/or sometimes seeing how far one can stretch the 'truth', to name the extreme cases."



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