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Maison de l'Homme     Zurich

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Sober House 1   2286
Domestic Museum &mnsp; 2381
HQ of D.A.T.A.   2397
Maison l'Homme + Wall House 2   243a
houses under a common roof    
architecture, collision, etc.   1997b
More on 'houses under a common roof'...   c0113

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Chronology of Maison de l'Homme
1949     226 x 226 x 226 Roq & Rob a Cap Martin     5/57
1950     Project "Porte Muillot 50"     5/70-71
1956     at Tokyo Museum     6/169-73 (also 1957-59 7/182)
1962     Exhibition Hall in Stockholm     7/178-81
1963     Museum of the 20th Century     7/169
1963     Art Center near Frankfurt am Main     7/175-77
1965     Exhibition Pavilion at Zürich     7/22-31

Osmosis and Electro-Magnetism: an Outside Inside Architecture
...comparative analysis of the Maison l'Homme and Houses Under a Common Roof and Housing for La Villette.

scale and architecture
...collection of house models: Villa Savoye, Villa à Garches, Villa Stein de Monzie, Wall House 2, Housing for La Villette, Houses Under a Common Roof, Gooding House, Maison l'Homme, Maison Dom-ino

scale and architecture
... comparison between the Gooding House and Maison l'Homme and Houses Under a Common Roof, and perhaps even Wall House 2 (for contrast).

scale and architecture
...the extra/separate roof element to add scale to the house: Houses Under a Common Roof, Maison l'Homme, Housing for La Villette.

combined building documentation
...combine Maison l'Homme with other building databases.... ...that are at the same comparative scale. ...compare the Maison l'Homme with Houses Under a Common Roof. ...combine Maison l'Homme with Villa Savoye or Wall House 2 or Hurva Synagogue. ...imagine the lower story of Villa Savoye two stories high. ...the elevated box will be like the independent roof of Maison l'Homme. ...implications of how to elaborate on the architectural promenade formula.

Villa Savoye- Maison l'Homme combination
...perspectives of Villa Savoye and the Maison l'Homme next to each other. ...whether to add some other scaling elements, like a human figure, or a row of trees, or some kind of sculptural element like an obelisk or something.

Villa Savoye- Maison l'Homme combination
...Maison l'Homme collaged with Villa Savoye, and the results, while they portray an unusual architecture, nonetheless clearly illustrate the comparable scale of each building. ...a sequence of drawings where the vantage point stays the same but one building will gradually move through the other.

Villa Savoye- Maison l'Homme combination
...the comparisons and contrasts of the two. ...as if Maison l'Homme were like Villa Savoye inside out. ...a series of reversals going from Villa Savoye to Maison l'Homme.
1. The raised box of Villa Savoye is placed flatly on the ground at Maison l'Homme.
2. The roof garden open to the sky at Villa Savoye is placed under a roof at Maison l'Homme; also the terrace at Villa Savoye is moved to the roof at Maison l'Homme.
3. The interior ramp at Villa Savoye is on the outside at Maison l'Homme.
4. The pilotis at Villa Savoye that symbolically raise the entire building at Villa Savoye, only raise the roof at Maison l'Homme.
...the original 5 points and variations of them at Maison l'Homme:
1. Maison l'Homme a manifestation of the free facade.
2. The roof at Maison l'Homme introduces a new sixth point, i.e., the free roof.
3. The building system at Maison l'Homme an inversion of the free.

Maison l'Homme -Governor's Palace comparison
...Maison l'Homme next to the Governor's Palace (in elevation)... ...the raised roof garden of the palace is very similar to the separate roof of Maison l'Homme... ...the notion that the raised roof of each is like a sun shade... ...roof brise-soleil.

Re: Nightline Nurb
I think my next design will be a gated community of messy vitality--a place where, for example, all the gas stations double as palaces, most of the houses are under huge modern canopies (a Maison l'Homme/today's American gas stations)...

2001.09.18 14:45
Re: LC 2 (addendum)
In Oeuvre Complete vol 7, p. 153, in the section on the Palais des Congrès, there is a curious reference to one of the peripheral buildings to the Palais--Hotel 226x226 sur pilotis de 5 m. The 226x226 dimension is the same one used when describing the metal "erector set" system of the Maison l'Homme. I've since always wondered if at that point LC was considering having the metal system of "boxes" also raised on pilotis. If so, it would be an interesting "exception."

2008.05.20 11:50
The Official Paradigm Shift thread
The Maison l'Homme is a composite of (at least) two earlier (1949-50) design ideas: Le Brevet 226x226x226 and Porte Maillot 50. The various designs leading up to and the early designs of the Pavilion itself make for an interesting study in 'paradigm' development.

2008.06.28 09:21
the miller house (should be more famous)
Looks like late Le Corbusier style as Composite Order--Villa Shodham meets Maison l'Homme meets Chandigarh tapestries. What was the year of construction? Evokes some memories of Graves' Syndermann House.

2008.09.13 08:20
the concept of surface
thinking of the separate surface...

2008.12.31 09:38
pragmatists turning political?
houses under a common/detached roof: Plecnik, Le Corbusier, Krier

Le Corbusier turning recombinant
...documenting (@ Quondam) the examples where Le Corbusier reuses past building design projects for new projects. For example, the Berlin Rehab project; the Chandigarh Secretariate at Olivetti Milan; the spiral museum; the Maison l'Homme; the stage set at Strasbourg...




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