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2007.07.11 20:34
Sarcastic Architecture
Celebration, FL as unwitting sarcasm? Now that's funny!

The Truman Show delivers that message pretty well, doesn't it?

2007.07.11 20:24
Sarcastic Architecture
In light of "a cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound," Part II: Ugly and Ordinary Architecture, or the Decorated Shed in Learning from Las Vegas may indeed be well spiced with sarcasm. Personally, I haven't read the text in quite some time, but in just scanning it now, there is a fair bit of "cutting" critique. Should make for an interesting re-read this time around.

2007.07.11 20:15
Sarcastic Architecture


2007.07.11 19:40
Sarcastic Architecture
1. A cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound.
2. A form of wit that is marked by the use of sarcastic language and is intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule.
Makes me think of this:

2007.07.11 18:57
Sarcastic Architecture
Are there any examples of sarcastic architecture?
Not satiric nor ironic, specifically sarcastic.
maybe this?


2007.07.11 17:52
Verb: Featured Discussion
C(riticism) = m(ainstream)Ad(vertising)²

2007.07.11 17:03
Fungi to the rescue again

Fungi to the rescue again.

2007.07.11 16:45
Verb: Featured Discussion
Is it all still pretty much operative criticism?
Perhaps architectural criticism needs to begin operating differently where:
some criticisms are extreme™
some criticisms are fertile™
some criticisms are pregnant™
some criticisms are assimilating™
some criticisms are metabolic™
some criticisms are osmotic™
some criticisms are electro-magnetic™
some criticisms are total frequency™
But maybe that will only happen when (we begin to realize that):
some architectures are extreme™
some architectures are fertile™
some architectures are pregnant™
some architectures are assimilating™
some architectures are metabolic™
some architectures are osmotic™
some architectures are electro-magnetic™
some architectures are total frequency™

2007.07.08 15:16
8 July

"You know, these days my architectureal imagination would be nothing without regular visits to architechnophilia. Well, you can hardly expect someone who lives in a Glass House to suffer from architechnophobia."
gracious laughter

2007.07.08 12:52
8 July
1906 birth of Philip Johnson
2003 death of Ladan and Laleh Bijani
"Thus, each project of Le Corbusier's is ideologically charged while each of Johnson's seems an attack on the very idea of ideology, an essay in style."
--Robert Stern, "The Evolution of Philip Johnson's Glass House, 1947-1948" in Oppositions 10.
Maybe the twin couples are going to publish a new journal on architecture entitled Appositions.
Were ideology and style once Siamese twins



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