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20030502   House II   axonometric

2007.05.17 21:57
lost endings
Barnabas uses the I Ching wands to try and find out who killed Quentin. Barnabas and Magda find the portrait of Quentin as the werewolf and deduct it has cured Quentin. Petofi tells Edward where he can find Barnabas, and gives him a gun with silver bullets. Barnabas enters the I Ching trance.
...and that's just one of 1245 episodes.

2007.05.17 21:50
lost endings
You forgot to mention Dark Shadows. Remember parallel time? And don't forget the hand of Count Petofi!
Jacob still has a lot to learn.

2007.05.17 16:19
ever feel like you are just a shitty designer
See what I mean about inevitable realities.
To be honest, I occasionally think about your quest for knowledge and how I once answered you. Nothing's perfect, and I'm hardly impenetrable. In fact, I'm much more transparant than most, but I always make the effort to design my transparency (here). Also, keep in mind I like to adhere to the adage 'so the question, so the answer'.
Didn't Stourley Kracklite commit suicide?




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