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2007.05.16 20:43
"I see sham pane, but no glasses."
Oh, the double theater of it all.

2007.05.16 20:32
"I see sham pane, but no glasses"
It looks like Redwood Fisher (son of Miers, supercargo) and Joseph Jacques Ramée crossed the Atlantic Ocean (from Europe to the US landing mid September 1812) on the same ship. Miers met with Ramée at least two times, but it doesn't look like Ramée was ever at Ury. Was Ramée perhaps architect of the quondam St. John's Episcopal Church (1815) at American and Brown Street in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia?

The entrance facade of St. John's Church looks just like this.

2007.05.16 19:59
ever feel like you are just a shitty designer
Louis Kahn was 36 years old when his first (independently designed) building was completed construction. Now altered with pink CMU. Esther Israeli Kahn was probably the most instrumental in getting Kahn independent projects from 1935-1950. Esther was extremely well connected within Philadelphia'a Jewish community.

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