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2007.05.10 17:39
What are you reading?
That 1812 best-seller by Thinks I To Myself Who. Maybe I'll be done by die kalte Sophie.

2007.05.10 14:39
what are you into?

The Advertising of Art 026

2007.05.10 11:39
your favorite quote
"History has a way of interpolating itself."
-Stephen Lauf 2007.05.10

2007.05.10 11:16
your favorite quote
"We are all mirrors that have to see ourselves regardless."
-Stephen Lauf

2007.05.10 11:07
"I see sham pane, but no glasses"
It was Sunday night (May 6th 2007) when Adam Joseph of AccuWeather (on Action News) said sometime about the latest snowfall for Philadelphia on record was 10 May 1861 (I think).
1812 May 4th, Monday
Much rain in the night. Wind NE. Temperature 44°--it began soon to fall and at 9 reduced to 40°. Hail mixed with rain falling plentifully. Before 10 it became a heavy fall of snow. Temperature at 38°. The snow continued till afternoon. When the ground being covered, the grass and grain hid under a white carpet. The air moderated a little. The snow turned to rain and that fallen melted. About sunset temperature now to 40°. The wind now to NW. Clouds and symptoms of clearing appeared. I have this day recollected another similar season. May 3rd 1774 a heavy snow: here are two similar at the distance of 40 years apart.
A champagne toast. To weather and calendrical coincidence.
Don't tell me you can't find the agitators because they're buried in snow.
Well, not really. It's more that we prefer to bury our heads, and everybody else's if we can.

2007.05.10 09:16
"I see sham pane, but no glasses"
The moving vehicle is frozen, in space, to become architecture, and timeless. It was never launched. It will never fall.* v Without going too deeply into the theory of historiography, it must be said that if all interpretation of an artist's work was forced to rely on what the artist himself would have understood, the art of history would itself be in a bad way...
So, what you're saying is that the art of history is in a good way because of the acceptance of post ex facto interpretation? My, how convenient. Very sham pane.

"This is the first part of a [never happened] three-part review article on recent and past P. studies."
Hey, let's interpret what parts two and three are!

Like a detective or an analyst, the architect's job is now to find some way to make sense out of this "heap of fragments."
Sorry, that position's been filled since 1998.

Would you be ready to submit ideas not somewhere hidden in a[n] Archinect thread, but via e-mail...?
So, what you're saying is that ideas submitted via email are not more "hidden"?

Welcome to the wedding of Dean [von] Architecture and Fanny Tissue.
Yes, that's right, there's now a Fanny Tissue Architecture.
*I'll tell you what's hidden so far, it's the [subplots]. And, of course, that's what [subplots] should be.

2007.05.09 20:41
"I see sham pane, but no glasses"
The upper window of his new part had no sash, but boards painted black in imitation of them, supplied their place. Thomas Gilpin, visiting there, was led to say, “Uncle Miers, thou hast a most inhospitable house, I see sham pane, but no glasses.”
In Mr. Crawford’s time the late William Peter, British Consul in Philadelphia, was a frequent guest, and here he prepared a large portion of his scholarly 'Specimens of the Poets and Poetry of Greece and Rome."
As I walked through the living room, I saw that WAY OF LIFE was the final phrase on Wheel of Fortune. "Do you know how to say way of life in German?" "No, not really." "Lauf der Leben." "Ach, nah sure." Laughter.
Rita Novel, I See Sham Pane, But No Glasses (www: Quondam, 2007).

2007.04.26 13:24
[don't know anything about musical composition method yet]
diaphragm 1 : a body partition of muscles and connective tissues; specifically the partition separating the chest and abdominal cavities in mammals that by its contraction and relaxation varies the relative size and the internal pressure of these cavities and thereby plays an important role in such activities as breathing, defecation, and parturition and that in [hu]man[s] has the form of an obliquely placed domed sheet, higher in front than behind, attached to the xiphoid cartilage, the six or seven lower ribs and their cartilage, and the lumbar vertebrae. (Webster)
[to be continued]

2007.04.25 16:23
Yale School of Architecture (Enrique)
Quondam catalogs all its CAD files by date of creation. If a CAD file is subsequently further worked on, the work is done on a copy and then given the new date of creation.
All the CAD files can still be stored under different categories, but the primary 'by date' filing keeps the overall historical record.
Image files are also stored first under their date of creation.
This system is in emulation of how computers themselves "curate" files/work.

2007.04.25 10:24
Featured Discussion: Volume
metamechanic, a riff off the Finale might well be forthcoming, but this thread doesn't seem the place to pursue it. Was wondering if a 'Symphonatic' thread might be worthwhile, where all the various quotations and connections offer fodder for discussion and riffs. Who knows?
The territory/deterritory/reterritory discussion was/is also stimulating--vectors to perpetual motion to football with rednecks. The Vonnegut quotation in the Finale seems somehow germane. Plus, throw scripting and prescripting into the mix. Again, who knows?
Is "Repeat ad infinitum" the way to go?
"...a 'hard copy' tool that brings in more architectural clients..." -- Was Le Corbusier subliminally advertising? Did the publication of SMLXL coinciding with an exhibit at MoMA bring Koolhaas/OMA more clients? I'll say probably and probably.
(I assume) clients look for someone they can trust, and they probably do that by seeing what architects are already trusted.
But your answer is viable, nonetheless. Just also be aware that the architectural field is repleat with (subliminal) copy-cats.
The client asks:
Are you an architectural brand or are you an architectural knockoff?
The architect responds:
That depends, are you a brand client or are you a knockoff client?
How many clients do you think I'd attract with "hardcopy" entitled Volume and Congestion?

2007.04.24 17:18
Featured Discussion: Volume
I'm pretty sure I would occasionally buy an e-version (pdf?) of Volume.
I just stopped buying new books once I saw that a year or so later I just sold them on ebay. I can read Volume at the local university library, but I only get there once a month or so, and I don't stay there that long, and you can't borrow journals.
But you know what I might do? I'll take my digital camera to the library and "photocopy" all the issues and then I can read Volume on my computer.

I'm serious!

2007.04.24 15:24
Featured Discussion: Volume
I'm sorry, but that Francois Roche thing was hardly a discussion. I heard a lot of jargon blah blah, and a lot of "yes, yes", but no real discussion. Most of it actually made me laugh.

2007.04.24 14:28
Featured Discussion: Volume
Red necks indeed, and I mean literally. "Ah, so that's where the term comes from." All I know is that Perry was so small that in order to go out to dinner at night you either had to go to Hannibal (30 miles away) or to Paris (20 miles away). Ah, but well worth the trip if there was a lightening storm at night.
Buzzard's Roost--the view of the Salt River valley from Buzzard's Roost was magnificent, at least it was before the Salt River was dammed and Mark Twain Lake happened.

This is all I know about the burial site.
Read Symphonatic No. 1 a couple times last night. It has a very interesting intensity and an interesting structure--like an ongoing wavelength or even a double helix or something. If I riffed at all it would be off the Finale. It's also fun to just read the author names and not the quotations, kinda like a subplot.
Perhaps this has nothing to do with Volume, and maybe there's a point there in that Volume as a hard copy object could never delived a spontaneous discussion on territory and deterritory.

2007.04.23 23:14
Featured Discussion: Volume




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