what a f...ing imposition!

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2006.05.03 17:24
What if?
I actually was recently told that I only have five years left to live. I'm still thinking, "What a fucking imposition!"

2006.05.03 13:23

A Quondam Banquet of Virtual Sachlichkeit further regards symbolism in architecture and how it is ultimately ignored. Part III, with texts written between 12 October 1994 and 21 March 2006, comprises "Pears Helene," "The Speeches," "Dried Fruit and Nuts," "Australian Port and a Cigarette," "The Ride Home" and "Plop Plop Fizz Fizz." This volume begins with, "I still sense that the notion of a discernible and often strong relationship between reenactment and design is not deemed important enough to be given serious recognition by those that have at least been introduced to the concept," and ends with, "Maybe some architecture courses should be taught by blind people."

2006.05.01 14:33
paris 2054
The dead Piranesi likes Philadelphia because of the design of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.
Plus, almost 240 years after Piranesi secretly changed the Ichnographia Campus Martius into a second state, the two versions of the large plan were finally discovered in Philadelphia. Piranesi made the secret changes only to see who would ultimately discover them.

2006.04.29 10:20
paris 2054
But Piranesi... ...drew a whole city and delivered an astounding narrative within said drawing of a whole city--yes, drawing a whole city and 'writing' a story at the same time. It's called Ichnographia Campus Martius.

Ichnographia Ottopia
Ichnographia Ottopia ... a gigantic virtual museum of architecture.
...put the plan of Whitemarsh Hall into the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and then use other plans as indicative of period rooms. ...ultra-modern "hyper buildings" by collaging the surface forms and standard office block shapes--"infringement complex" plus "surface shapes".

2006.04.24 15:08
Magazine writer trying to identify the "leading" female architects today
Eutropia and Helena love the National Building Museum!

Basilica Sessoriana

2006.04.24 13:03
magazine writer trying to identify the "leading" female architect today
"In the future, everything will be an advertisement [especially journalism?]."
"I'm now wondering if all the built environment of our planet is 'progressing' towards becoming a global (virtual) theme park, while cyberspace becomes the place where 'actual' 'real' data takes up residence."

2006.04.24 11:52
Steven Holl's building facades and urban patterns
I'm not trying to tear down Holl as he is a very talented architect. What I want to tear down are "strawmen" like thinking that Holl did not "learn from Ronchamp" and thinking that architects are always forthcoming when it comes to their design methodology.
Actions speak louder than words.

2006.04.24 11:13
Steven Holl's building facades and urban patterns
Holl's (personal) use of watercolors coincides with the rise of CAD within architecture--a not so atypical reaction among those architects that perceived CAD as anti-craft and thus a bad, bad thing.
Mind you, I enjoy watercoloring myself, yet I would never use it demonstrate how some other medium is somehow evil or inferior. You would think architects are smart enough to embrace or at least consider all the options that are available. (I know, I know, it isn't easy to embrace a medium that one is completely ignorant of.)
Holl and computer punch cards, what a joke that is.




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